Thursday, May 28, 2015

Old Believer Church transferred to Kundalini Yogis

Former Old Believer Church, in Moscow, Given/'Transferred to' "Kundalini Yoga" group-

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Question: Are we really supposed to believe, that the congregation of this church, has willingly given up their church to this Yoga organization??? That is unimaginable.

Rough machine-English translation:

New Moscow home for Kundalini Yoga

May 28, 2015. Posted in Other riligii (Views: 13)
Written on. Valery Leonichev incl.
Old Believer church in the Small Gavrikovo Lane (m.Baumanskaya) d. Moscow transferred to the Federation of Teachers of Kundalini Yoga!

Dear friends and members of the Federation, you know that since November 2013, we plan to move the Federation of Kundalini Yoga Teachers. Finally, by the grace of the Guru, it happened! We have found a new home, allowing us to move into a new phase of existence Federation. 

Our new address is: Moscow, Small Gavrikov Pereulok. 29. The building where we are now - the former Old Believers Church. This space has an incredibly strong energy. Be sure to come to recharge! We Build Temples YOGA now at our disposal, there are four rooms on two floors: office and shop - at one and the Gurudwara with tea - on the other. The tea zone is the space for the kitchen, so that we can prepare their own meals. Offices and shops will be operational from next week. In the Gurudwara and tea will be renovated before the summer. Therefore, these six weeks Federation space will not be available for meetings of small groups, joint meditation and other activities. But in late May, we'll have fun housewarming party, which will be glad to see you all! "

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