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RocorMP Abp. Kyrill Birthday Congratulations

A Digusted Sharing: (what was shared with me)- Western American Diocese - His Eminence Archbishop Kyrill Receives Congratulations on His 60th Birthday

Shared with me, by a fellow ROCA church member, both of us having once considered this man, born Boris Michael Dmitrieff , born and raised  in San Francisco, California, U.S.A., as our dearest friend, and he was also my diocesan ROCOR bishop....before he betrayed to the MP.
I knew him since he was about 17 or 18 years old.
He and I were close confidants and personal friends, for years and years....until he betrayed our church and America, his actual native land.
I now have nothing to say to him, nothing indeed.
When he became a party of the betrayal plot, [ for his love of money and the praise of men],  to submit our once free ROCOR under the control of the so-called, 'Mother Church', the communist founded false Russian Church, named the MP,- he betrayed the Holy Orthodox Faith of his pious Orthodox parents and family- dear people whom I knew very well, MEMORY ETERNAL! to them,   (who originally came from China, with Archbishop John Maximovitch), he betrayed the sacred cause of an eventual true freeing of Russia, and a restoration of a free genuine local Russian Church there, and he betrayed his native country, America too....our country which gave him EVERYTHING that his parents or himself ever received in their or his earthly lives.
Now he is but a virtual fifth-columnist de facto enemy agent, dressed as an Orthodox Archbishop, while residing in this country...which
Putin all the time. tells the entire  world is the number one evil enemy nation of his Russia,
in America, a mere dupe and an instrument, an obedient ever- eager-to -please and to be of service to his masters in Moscow,  a tool of the Kremlin KGB gangsters, and their ...captive MP 'church' is the  entire, based in America, [ America being Putin's 'enemy country'!],   ROCOR/MP organization.

Boris Michael Dmitrieff is a new Judas! SHAME ON HIM!...and may, somehow, he repent before he leaves this world. God grant this!
He used to be my best friend, and a fellow Orthodox brother, [ or so I had thought for many past years],  and I was truly his, -but that is over, forever.
He may fool many people here on earth,  as also does Hilarion Kapral and his  ROCOR/MP, but GOD IS NEVER FOOLED!
Now, no, I will not give him my 60th. birthday congratulations...together with his 'patriarch',
KGB special agent,   comrade Kyrill Gundaev!
I am simply not in the same exalted league with Mr. Gundaev...he outclasses little me.
His 'patriarchal' 60th.  birthday congratulations will have to suffice for Boris!
Rd. Daniel Everiss, in Oregon

Subject: Western American Diocese - His Eminence Archbishop Kyrill Receives Congratulations on His 60th Birthday
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2014 20:13:41 -0500

Did you send your congratulations?

His Eminence Archbishop Kyrill Receives Congratulations on His 60th Birthday

Letter From His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all of Russia KIRIL
To His Eminence Kyrill, Archbishop of San Francisco and Western America:
 Your Eminence!
 I offer you my heart-felt congratulations upon the occasion of your 60th Birthday.
 From childhood, having chosen the path of service to Christ, you have fully devoted yourself to the Lord and His Holy Church. Having received the necessary theological education, you decisively handed yourself over to Divine Providence and took upon yourself monastic vows. Seeing your zeal and desire to serve Him in Spirit and Truth, God has called you to apostolic work.
 Over 20 years have passed since the archpastoral omophorion has been placed upon your shoulders. With humility and meekness all these years you have performed various archpastoral labors in the San Francisco diocese. While continuing the work of ever-memorable Vladyka Anthony you have witnessed to the beauty and truth of Orthodoxy and carry the light of the Gospel to those who dwell on the North American continent.
Bearing in mind your zealous archpastoral service and in connection with your 60th Birthday I bestow upon you a commemorative panagia.
I prayerfully wish you good health, unfailing joy in Christ Jesus and God’s speed in your further endeavors to the glory of the Holy Trinity and to the profit of Mother-Church.
Russian original here:
The original can be read  (in Russian).

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