Sunday, December 21, 2014

Some Useful Info about Black (!) and Muslim (!), NYC COP KILLER, Ismaaiyl Brinsley

Category: America's internal decline.

While the major news media refuses, still,  to mention these two unpleasant and politically incorrect facts about this vicious murderer, no doubt to please the -president, B. Obama, and the left in this country and in the world,  who always defends black  and Muslim crime too, but not Christians! attacked and mass murdered by Muslims.

This New York City assassination murder of two policemen , is but another, among many many others,  example of what our HUGE in numbers, permanent black criminal underclass, does everyday in America, to harm 'white' people [ actually they rob and terrorize and murder far more fellow blacks!], and to destroy our country, [ unless our police stop them, one way or another], ..while many in that permanent black criminal class, constantly blame, 'whitey' [ read, all white skinned people in this country], for all of their own failures in life.

Decent law abiding black people, support the police, who are their only defense from black criminals who daily threaten and rob and murder them.

Such is the on-going destruction of our country now. The so-called, 'racial divide' grows wider, day by day. It is aided and encouraged by our black and pro-Muslim President and his leftist liberal democrat administration. quote: "Travon Martin could have been my son!", etc., etc., etc.

IMPEACH OBAMA!!!...and throw out the America killing Democrat Party!...on all levels.

The majority white voters [ mostly middle aged and older] are those who blindly and foolishly put Obama in the White House, [ not the black or minority voters] and they need to wake up, and to take a second hard look at him, and at his job-killing economic  and cultural destructive and corrupt  modern socialist 'progressive' Democrat leftist anti-American party, [ no longer 'the party of the working man' as it once was affectionately  labeled], AND repent of their votes and their support.

He is clearly a life long studied Marxist, raised to hate America, and also quite anti-Christian and anti-our Capitalist economic system, both central American foundational factors  which, have made America the FREE and prosperous power giant it is (or was?).

Rd. Daniel Everiss, one elderly 'white' American citizen who cares deeply about my country, all 'races' and ethnic minorities, here. But without constitutionally  backed basic law and order, respected by the majority of our citizens!....and enforced by the local police forces, and upheld by our elected political leaders,   NO ONE is safe here,.. and no one can be safe in their own homes or on the streets, let alone prosper or get ahead with their and their children's lives,  NO ONE!

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