Friday, September 19, 2014

We must tell the truth, because OBAMA WON'T-

We must tell the truth about ISIS, because Pres. Obama WON'T-

   Once again our pathetic,  low intelligence, anti-American, anti-Christian, leftist president is showing his pro-Islamic bias. In fact, he shows every sign [and has been quoted as saying this] that he considers himself a Moslem.

   That Moslems of most Moslem sects, [simply obeying what their evil  Koran teaches, or what their mullah clergy  instruct them],  for centuries and even today, oppress and butcher Christians, [ and Jews, and Hindus, and Buddhists, OTHER  'heretical' MOSLEMS!,  and all who won't 'submit' to their foul anti-human demonic religion ]  that situation  does not interest him. In fact he seems to be in denial that this is even happening today, or that the Christians [ or Jews, or anyone] have somehow provoked the poor innocent well-meaning good-hearted Moslems!] and living in a dream world of his own fantasy creation.

   And this man is the President of this country!!!

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