Sunday, September 21, 2014


• Not everyone in Russia is fooled by Putin's lies about his dirty little war against Ukraine-

• As Atheists and other anti-Christians try to make America a Godless atheist country: A small victory for the Ten Commandments
And this battle is not a small one, but the cosmic ageless universal war  between God 
and the Devil, Good and Evil.

The Devil and his servants, especially hate the Holy Cross, the very instrument  of their defeat,  and the very name, JESUS CHRIST, the Saviour of the World.

Under the excuse of 'tolerance' and the false claim, of 'separation of church and state', the leftist anti-Christian forces in this 'progressive/modern'  country, are struggling to use our constitution and governmental and our heavily leftist-activist court system, to force...  the removal of crosses, or of any Christian religious representations, NATIVITY SCENES!,  and any public & historical markers of Christianity, out of our national life, -our schools, and actually in all places...even in or on the top of churches, and from cemeteries (!)...even from military cemeteries!

Among this crowd, are militant anti-Christian Jews, and now the huge influx into America of  Moslems, ( who world-wide, have been oppressing and murdering Christians since Muhammad created their foul evil religion), and the various stripes of deluded  outright Atheists.

These un-American alien-cultured people are destroying our traditional NATIVE  Christian American values and culture, while the majority of the not protest, again, for 'toleration sake'.

God does not bless the nation that does not bless Him.
"Blessed is that nation whose God is the Lord!"

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