Monday, September 15, 2014

U.S. and Nato Troops Begin Ukraine Military Exercise

And from other sources: Some western governments are quietly sending heavy and substantial military aid to the Ukrainians, FINALLY, but this is not an official NATO program, but rather of the individual NATO member nations...which is their right to so do. And for public consumption, some spokesmen of these governments are denying this...politics!

IT IS OVERDUE, that the west actually helps Ukraine to militarily [the only way that KGB Dictator, the Thug,  V. Putin and his Kremlin gangsters understand]. repulse this Putin's Russian Federation aggression against their country.

GOD BLESS A FREE UKRAINE!...and one day, a truly free Russia too!

Vladimir Putin's unwarranted and immoral and murderous invasion of Ukraine, has brought together and united the  native peoples there, [of all the many varied ethnic and religious heritages] as nothing else has been able to do, makes Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, THE FOUNDER of A MODERN UNIFIED UKRAINE!

Putin has thus, made sure, that Ukraine will NEVER desire to be a part of any Russia.
Too much blood has now been spilled, too many murdered, too much destruction and hate, hate, hate.

"God works in mysterious ways, His wonder to perform!"

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