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ROCA parish western suburb of Chicago

General Sharing: Our Growing North American ROCA Dioceses: Vl. Andronik with Fr. John Somers at the Chicago, Illinois, Parish of the Nativity of Christ


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Dan Everiss

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An Added Comment: Another example of our much traveling and deeply devoted to his episcopal pastoral duties, of our beloved Vladyka Archbishop Andronik. North America is a very large continent!, with vast distances between our flocks. May God preserve and strengthen our beloved Vladyka Andronik  in his apostolic devotion to his  far-flung and ever growing flock. MANY YEARS!  MNOGAYA LETA! to him.
Rd. Daniel Everiss in Oregon

January 20,[new date],  2016

A Sunday service at the parish of the Nativity of Christ in Chicago, Illinois, was led by the ruling Andronik, Archbishop of Syracuse and St. Nicholas, assisted by the parish rector Reverend John Somers and Hierodeacon Pavel (Lipin) and a large gathering of parishioners of this modest, but cozy home church. The solemn celebration of the Parish Altar Feast of Christ's Nativity,  was accompanied by the beautiful singing of the choir, strengthened by the wonderful voices of two visitors from distant California. During the reading of the Third Hour, the servant of God, Andrei, was made a reader and at the Small Entrance, Father John was elevated to the right to bearing the “kamilavka”. After the service, there was a wonderful festive luncheon at which Christmas carols in both English and Russian were heard. We wish for the friendly and hospitable Chicago parish God's help in the matter of the “building-up” of the Body of Christ's-Church and hope that in due time, instead of a small home church, the parish will have its own full-fledged church, in which solemn and joyful services and worship of the Divine Infant Christ will take place. 

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Holy Nativity of Christ Church
552 Roosevelt Road
PO Box 232
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

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