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Nativity Photos and Report from Lyon France

Plus A Sharing: (with a humanly improved English text): Photos and a report by Fr. Eugene Korjagin for Nativity, at our ROCA Lyon, France, St. Nicholas Parish

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Dan Everiss

Tue, Jan 12, 2016 at 1:08 PM

*Both local ROCA Russian faithful and local Lyon Greek GOC clergy and parishioners came together for joint worship and the sacraments, for this great feast.

Note: Only the machine-translator uses, in its weird version of English,  the western semi-worldly  term, 'Christmas', as in Russian it is always, the standard and more soundly Orthodox term for this great Orthodox Christian feast: 'The Nativity of Christ'. So, every time the more secular word, 'Christmas' appears, in google/machine English translations from the Russia  texts, it actually should be, The Nativity of Christ, or simply, 'Nativity'. The mindless, soulless translator machine, does what it wants!

Article, and original Russian text,  found on:

ROCA: Nativity of Christ Celebration  at the St. Nicholas Church in Lyon (France)

Author: Archpriest Eugene Korjagin incl. . Published in the ROCA (Views: 1)
Tags: christmas, Lyon

This year, the Lord has allowed me to meet this joyous Nativity Day in our St. Nicholas Church in the city of Lyon (France). Of course it was sad to leave our Moscow parish, and if not for my Father Ambrose, who has kindly agreed to serve for the parishioners of the two parishes in Moscow, it would be difficult for me to fulfill. But the grace of God  gave joy to myself to spend Nativity together with fathers who have became so close: Proto-priest .Chisto, Archdeacons Sergius and Gherman and  Eugene, as well as the many parishioners in Lyons.
Harmoniously sang the parish choir under the control of Gherman Ghermanovich [Protodeacon Gherman's son']. Father Cristo kindly allowed  me to lead this festive worship.
Thank God for these wonderful days!
Getting Great Compline.

Anointing with blessed oil at Matins
Reading Holiday canon: Fr. Protodeacon Gherman reads in French, I'm in Church Slavonic
A missing photo: RINGING the bells, for  the Divine Liturgy
The young at  Confession

It is gratifying to see our young parishioners at a festive Divine Liturgy

Small entrance with the Gospel

Great Entrance  Singing Creed

Greek parishioners demonstrated their chants
Many communicants

Read the Christmas message of Metropolitan Agafangel

Many Years ruling bishop, serving and praying

Veneration of the cross after the Liturgy

On a festive liturgy, he came and concelebrated with Father Georges us, Priest of the Greek Synod of Archbishop Kallinikos
Reader, prosfornitsa, a wonderful mother Anelia - make friends o.Hristo

Protodeacon. German congratulates all on Nativity

And what is Nativity without kalyadok/Carols ... but in French

Little Alexandra read poems dedicated to holiday
Archdeacon Sergiy - 90-year-old elder Western European Diocese

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