Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sergianism in Action

Sharing With much disgust
General Informational Sharing: New North Korean MP Church, and Cuba/Russian Friendship, via Putin, Castro, and 'Pat' Kyrill-Gundaev (Sergianism)- 
"Russian Orthodoxy Gets Foothold in Cuba"

"Kim Jong iL, EQUAL-TO-THE-APOSTLES"... (because he built this MP show-church building, in his capital city)-????? utterly disgusting!

article on this NORTH KOREAN story,  with photos, from:  

Comment: Two new MP churches in two foreign lands, both still communist dictatorships,  North Korea being the most repressive and murdering of Christians, 'spreading the Orthodox Faith' (?), 'serving the spiritual needs of oversees  Russians' who are residing  in or visiting those countries?,  or
rather, the real dark truth:  two prime examples, abroad,  of the Kremlin KGB gang's, USING the Russian Orthodox ancestral faith, [ its outward forms and symbols], Sergianism, for its own secular evil  goals of CYNICAL world domination, espionage, and political/military purposes...all under the guise of, ..'.religious missionary activity?' and of, 'promoting Russian culture', etc.
And, THIS is the MP organization that a large part of our old free Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, under Lavr Schkurla's leadership  and of his fellow plotters, subjected themselves and their blind followers, under and to, in 2007!

New MP Russian Orthodox Church in the capital of North Korea:

A cynical joke going around, privately,  in some MP circles, is referring to the ruthless murdering atheist dictator of North Korea, for building this Russian church as: " Kim Jong iL, Equal-to-the-Apostles" (!!!)
What cynical impious blasphemy!

Note: Words of visiting Pat. Kyrill, thanking Castro.. for ''building this church for us",
 and thus cementing Cuban-Russian 'friendship'.
What a handy central Caribean  location, for more  KGB espionage/military uses?  in that region,
 and with their numerous Central and South American enterprises, on America's southern doorstep.
No doubt that the MP 'priests' and visiting 'bishops' who are there now or who will be stationed there, will be carefully trained and expert KGB officers, of the highest rank, in cassocks.........and knowing their clerical roles well......

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