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CENSORSHIP: My TWO final comments, one not allowed to get posted on

Portal Credo ru is presumed ROAC website
“Portal Kredo” [] is supported by a group of journalists headed by Alexander Soldatov. Most of them belong to the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (“Suzdal Split”), several (Egor Kholmogorov, Konstantin Krylov) at the same time actively participate in ultraconservative nationalist publishing projects. But the views of the editors appear primarily in editorial commentary. Budget news, interviews to monitoring of the press and even some of the articles by individual authors are completely pluralist.


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August 11, 2014, 21:47

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Izhevsk priests who are in the clergy of ROCOR (A), responded to the accusations of "Putinism", speaking in turn, against "Americanism"

Three well-known priest Izhevsk ROCOR (A) - oo. Sergy Kondakov, Michael and Alexander Karpeev Small - in answer to the charge by their co-religionists in the "Putinism" said August 8 that no persecution will not make them "to abandon the motherland," and many of their parishioners have served and continue, despite recent events, to serve in the uniformed services of the Russian Federation, the correspondent of the "Portal-Credo.Ru" .
Discussion about the specifics of the modern Russian patriotism and legitimacy of power of the Russian Federation in the context of its military annexation territory of another State, as well as the "Western ideology" broke out on the site of the ROCOR (A) "Internet Cathedral" after placing it on August 6 reportage Izhevsk priests organized for them Fees young scouts. In comments to the publication of a number of clergy and laity belonging to that jurisdiction, considered the report as false patriotism and accused izhevtsev in "krasnomonarhizme" aggressive support of the Kremlin's policy towards Ukraine, justifying illegal atheist regime and "nazarovschine."
This last accusation implies adherence to the ideology of the historian and journalist Mikhail Nazarov, recently excommunicated Primate of ROCOR (A) Metropolitan Agafangel (Paszkowski) from the Church. The reason for this was harsh accusations against Nazarov Metropolitan Agafangel who is a citizen of Ukraine, Russia and the change of the Russian Church, the refusal of the Russian idea and prozapadnichestve.
Metropolitan Agafangel declares own apolitical, but in solidarity with opponents of Vladimir Putin's policy towards Ukraine. Like many of the clergy and laity of the ROCOR (A), it considers the current First Hierarch of the Russian successor to the illegal government of Soviet rule, and not the legitimate government of the Russian Tsars.
One of the participants in the "Internet Council" American parishioner ROCOR (A), asks the question: "Children and young people in the photographs taken at your scout camp, then joined the military Putin?" The question gave rise to the application of Izhevsk priests " Answer perturbed American ", published in the blog eldest of them - Archpriest Serge Kondakova.
"We teach young scouts to be honest citizens of their country, and, if necessary, they should immediately come to the defense of their homeland. Yes! If at the time of the aggression against our fatherland is the supreme commander Vladimir Putin, they will be his soldiers, but above all they are the soldiers of Russia ", - said in a statement.
Has not been in a statement, without typical Russian mass media anti-American rhetoric, "Why Orthodox American can be a soldier Obama and Russian Orthodox person can not be a soldier Putin? Is Russia bombed Belgrade and destroyed Yugoslavia? Is Russia defeated Iraq, Libya, sowing chaos in the Arab countries? Is the president of our country is the main defender of sodomy? "
Izhevsk affected fathers and Ukrainian theme: "You ask another question:" Do you support the fact that Putin is doing in Ukraine? "Let me ask you another question:" Is Russian guys stormed Kiev and Lviv? "
Alas, storm Donetsk and Lugansk lads from Galicia. You can not ... justify the bloody mayhem, hosted by President Poroshenko and his company. This justification takes us beyond Christianity. Whatever your goals high, you can not kill women, children and the elderly. Moreover, that the idea of "independent Ukraine" for the White Russian exiles was more than doubtful. "
Political controversy is not the first time become a cause of strife and division in the ROCOR (A). They are typical for the other "fragment" of the Church Abroad - ROCA (V-V), which is already more than half the conflict lasts, "the pro-Putin" Bishop Martin (Lapkovsky), actively supported by a group of clerics led them to the South Russian diocese, and "pro-Ukrainian" Archbishop Vladimir (Tselishcheva), chairman of the Synod of that jurisdiction, and Bishop Alexis (Pergamentseva) controlling Ukrainian parishes ROCA (V-V).

This comment was posted, for now anyway:
regarding that ROCA Church Scout Camp in Russia

 # "Defend the Russian Homeland"? — Rd. Daniel 09.08.2014 19:17 
But that is exactly the big Putin lie and his excuse for invading other countries, who do not want to be under his dictatorship.
Most certainly no western country wants harm to come to Russia or its people.
Yet, Putin is threatening us all.
He is a mass murderer and no one can enter Heaven who is a
murderer. Those who support him, defend him, and will follow his immoral orders, are co-guilty with him, of the blood already on his hands.
But, anyone who protests him, is a "Russophobe"?.. which many Russians wrong mistranslate as, a 'Russia-hater'.
"Phobe" means, FEARING, not 'Hating'.
However, fear leads to hate, that is for sure.
We outside of Russia, have plenty of good reasons to FEAR your Putin controlled enslaved neo-soviet war-loving Russian Federation, PLENTY!
Any day now, Putin will make a large military further invasion of Ukraine, an independent country. Much innocent more blood will flow, much.
Will any of our Russian ROCA clergy or laity, then Putin? or bless his military? out of your false Russian National Pride? or go and help shoot and kill Ukrainians?
Shame on all who defend and support the servant of Antichrist, Vladimir Putin! SHAME! It is your ticket to Hell Eternal!...espe cially for priests to do so.
Many of us non-Russians, world-wide, are starting to believe that all Russians are genetically BORN evil and a sub species of humans, who CANNOT EVER be a free or a good peaceful nation, Not EVER!
Are they correct??
The Holy Fathers teach, that "Pride is the father of all sins".

This comment was censored:
Reader Daniel said...

No doubt, the church scout camp that is reported there, with the many photos, was a good event and not intended as anything evil.

However, what alarms me, are the priestly words about following orders from Vladimir Putin, simply because he is the current head of state, of the current government of the Russian Federation, matter what he orders?.. no matter how unjust or un-Christian are his military adventures and invasions and threats to other countries... as if that is being patriotic or loyal to the Russian Fatherland, etc.

And, anyone who questions Putin, is a "Russophobe"-???

Vladimir Putin is an enemy of all mankind, especially of the enslaved Russian people, which people he is leading to ruin and misery and destruction.... as did Joseph Stalin, whom he worships.

'Patriarch' Kyrill-Gundaev blesses everything Putin says or does or orders.

It is anti-Orthodox and IMMORAL for anyone, especially for CLERGY to be silent about this or, worse yet, to defend Putin and to offer to go to war for him, etc... and to obediently be a soldier in his military.

No murderer can enter Heaven.
Murderers are doomed to Hell Eternal.

Vladimir Putin is already a mass murderer and as he continues to invade and murder other's people and lands, those who help him in that, are co-guilty with him.
He and they, together, have much blood on their hands and on their souls.

Is that, being "russophobic"? How absurd!

And by the way, the root word, 'phobe', means FEARING, not 'hating', anyway.

The entire world, has plenty of real reasons to have a PHOBIA [fear of] Putin's Russia, ...plenty of reasons.

Very soon, he will send his obedient army of mostly young Russian boys with guns, into Ukraine, further, to totally subjugate it ALL. How much more blood will flow???

Later, has to come World War III, with nuclear missiles landing on Russian cities... and on our western cities as well. WHO will survive then? WHO??? one.....

How then, can any Orthodox priests or bishops, just be silent, ['non-political'?}, and not condemn that?

That recent ROCA church scout camp may be fine and something good, but it is NOT good or right, morally, to defend Putin and his many many lies.

UKRIANE and its current Kiev government and its many varied people are NOT THE BAD MONSTER people, that Putin claims. Putin is the true son of the Devil!
The Devil ALWAYS lies, always!!!

PUTIN IS RUINING RUSSIA!... not anyone, no other nation or force.

He teaches Russians [that old sour song of the bolsheviks], that the WHOLE world is against Russia and its peculiar culture and people, and that thus, he must FIGHT them all, to 'save Russia', etc. That is pure atheist-communist rubbish, brain-washing, propaganda. It was never true in the soviet-past, nor is it true in the modern world either. BUT those who support Putin, will pay later, when they come to the Dreadful Judgment of God.

God does not bless liars and murderers. He never ever has!
Just my observations
Rd. Daniel

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