Saturday, June 29, 2013

Trinity Sunday in our Holy Ascension ROCA Parish, in Barnaul, RF

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Our much suffering Barnaul RF,  Ascension flock, their original  and 
large and very beautiful  church (which they had built entirely 100%
 with their own monies and labour) illegally seized from them when they 
fled the Stalin created MP and entered our ROCA, only then to have
 their succeeding various remodeled buildings, vandalized and burned, numerous times,
by MP dupes and Putin RF governmental goons. Even in this current church building,
( which, originally was an old log barn, was burned and rebuilt 3 or more  times now),
 they struggle on, praying to God with fervour, and  not knowing when it too, will burn down, 'by itself'.
MNOGAYA LETA!   MANY YEARS! to our fellow struggling faithful persecuted ROCA members in the RF!
May Almighty God, bless and protect them all!
No matter what!.... GOD IS NOT MOCKED!

Trinity at the Ascension Church in Barnaul

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After the Liturgy,  our friends from the college culture, showed Trinity parish celebrations - a beautiful, vibrant celebration [ & presentation], of something  from the last  days of Holy Russia.

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