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Skeptical words about RocorMP Independence

Some skeptical words from an OCA member, about the 'Independent' ROCOR (MP), etc.

CATEGORY: Not everyone has been fooled!... "independence'.... from.... the Moscow MP???

Shared by a retired OCA archpriest:

Comment: This is part of an interesting  internet conversation between an OCA church member, and ROCOR/MP Fr. Alexander Lebedeff, on the subject of the (supposed) 'independence'  of the OCA and ROCOR (MP), - both of them, from ........ their MP mother church, etc.

This long time OCA church member, seems skeptical of Fr. Alexander's claim......

From: "j.mceachen" 
Sent: Saturday, April 20, 2013 9:451

"ME" is: Vanyabanya is Nick Skovran, I think now in Florida but from the Ansonia 3Saints OCA parish, in Ansonia, Connecticut.
--- In Orthodox-Forum, Alexander Lebedeff <lebedeff@...> wrote:
Claiming that the ROCOR/MP is 'independent':
vanyabanya wrote:
ME: The above [Fr. Alexander Lebedeff's claim], belongs in Grimm's book of fairy tales. ROCOR is as  "independent" ( from the Moscow MP, as the Antiochian [American], diocese, (is from Antioch) (!)
Response: Fr. .Alexander Lebedeff::...."That is nonsense."

ME: I'm not in the least surprised that Fr. Alexander had his answer to my post on hand. It was probably considered [given to him] by someone either in ROCOR(MP)  or the MP--or both--long ago (probably before the "miraculous reconciliation".... in June, 2007) in anticipation of a potential complaint by a strong OCA but unfortunately the OCA has gone through some rough times lately and in its weakened position, it is not in a position to complain to anyone.

Thus, I made my point and I stand by it. I will not attempt to convince Fr. Alexander Lebedeff,
Just not possible.  Any other interpretation other than that submitted by Fr. A would mean that the ROCOR and the MP would be severely limited in their goals re the opening of new parishes in the USA. [due to conficting canons, i.e., whose canonical territory does it belong to, the Autocephalous OCA, or the Autonomous ROCOR-MP???etc.],Well, I suppose they could just decide to throw away the Tomos of autocephaly( the OCA's 1970's tomos from the MP), which seems to stick in the craw of the MP --and ROCOR(MP).--and of course, to the EP as well as the other foreign powers [read, the other Patriarchates],that want their share of the American market.

As I remember it, the [EP New Calendar-,] GOA, Greek Orthodox Church of Amertca, also had statutes and other niceties that they thought protected them from the EP [Pat. Bartholomew], but which didn't help them in the least. The Antiochians in America, even proudly trumpeted that they were the 'self governing Archdiocese' or something like that, until the powers that be, in that far away place decided to
pull the plug.

We'll just have to wait and see about the "independent" ROCOR(.MP).

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