Monday, April 29, 2013

New persecution in Udmurtia

New persecution in Udmurtia of anti-MP Orthodox

OTranslated by Vladimir Djambov:

The Holy Protection (Pokrov-sky) parish, of the Pal’niki village, Zavyalovsky District, Udmurt Republic, RF, filed a motion on April 27 to join our Church, [ROCA]. The Moscow Patriarchia found out about it that same day and then they  started a full-scale blackmailing of these people who have joined us. 

Today the village was visited by representatives of the law-enforcement authorities. And high-ranking officials of the Udmurt Diocese of the Moscow Patriarchia  threatened  three of our fathers [batyushki] – Fathers Sergius Kondakov, Michail Karpeev and Alexander Malyh, declaring them as the guilty ones who are responsible for this, for what has happened, by  arranging  Pascha services [for them]. They dislike the fact that our Church is strengthening and expanding. 

We ask [your] holy prayers for the persecuted Christians in the Russian Federation. 

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