Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Abbess Alexandra: Two Church Issues

For Reflexion and Thought: Sharing: Russian original text and machine-English, Abbess Alexandra: About Two Church Issues, from the Conference Report-


A REQUEST: If someone who knows both Russian and English could PLEASE! put this Russian original into a human-English translation, that would be much appreciated.
As anyone can see, the machine-English is quite rough in many places, and thus the full meaning is obscured.

Abbess Alexandra is a very intelligent and dedicated an nun and abbess, and her thoughts are worth knowing. Communication between all of our church's members, world-wide, is very important.

But we must overcome the language barriers to do this. That means that we need some dedicated Russian-to-English translators. 

THANK YOU!  Spacebo!
Rd. Daniel in Oregon

original Russian

machine English

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