Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pravda Labels Obama a ‘Communist’

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Vintage Pravda cover during the days of the USSR.

Pravda Labels Obama a ‘Communist’ in Scathing OpEd

Article here:

But, Pravda praises Putin ............ (big surprise there-)
So, now!.... we know!... Barack Hussein Obama... IS!... a Communist?!
'The Truth', PRAVDA says so!.... would The TRUTH... tell a ...lie!???
(as if many of us already did not know this, that our Pres. is a Marxist).
Here, one has to recall a soviet era common saying among many average Russians:
"The is no truth in 'TRUTH' (Pravda), and no news in 'NEWS' (Isvestya)!.
Have times really changed? ...perhaps only on the surface?


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