Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Random from the internet:

Random from the internet: "Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord, I Want to See You!":- (Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God!)

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Dan Everiss

Tue, May 1, 2018 at 7:14 PM


A 10 Year-Old Blind Autistic Boy Steps On Stage To Sing. What Happened Next Shocked Everyone. Amazing boy! This video proves that just because someone looks different ...


  1. Open the eyes of my heart, Lord.
    I want to see You.
    To see You ___ lifted up
    shining in light of Your glory
    ____ power______
    Holy Holy Holy...

    6½ minutes " What Happened Next Shocked Everyone."

    Nothing happened next. There is no shock. At the end of the song the audience claps.

    (Autistic children are known to have perfect pitch. )

  2. "Nothing happened" ? An innocent little angelic child, the suffering victim [and Christ-God Himself is The Most Innocent Suffering Servant/Victim-the model for us all] of humanity's and his mother's sins, [that he is blind and otherwise damaged for life] is asking of God, singing his pure little heart out, what all the saints of all ages and nations have always asked of God, -to see ['know'] God in a direct personal way...WHY GOD BECAME A MAN IN THE INCARNATION, and he being blind from birth, an extra heart rending condition and disability. That is what Theosis, Union with God means, what we all must achieve here, or we cannot be with God in Heaven. We must know/see Him here, and become Christ-like here, but later, we hope to see Him, face to face in Heaven. Then, he is singing the most sacred heavenly hymn, 'Holy, Holy, Holy', ...and singing about and TO God's power and glory.....what are the most sacred songs the angels and saints continually sing to God on His throne, bowing down in ENDLESS adoration, and constant repetitious praises in songs,....the Celestial Beatific Vision. Recall the words of the scriptural words for the Eucharistic Canon in the Liturgy. The earthly audience to his angelic song, they are hushed and surprisingly awed, because they seem to get the fuller higher meaning, the deeper spiritual meaning: the awesome adoration of Almighty God in Heaven, the Glorious Maker of Heaven and Earth...by a little innocent angel, a blind boy....who cannot see this world, but desires to see his beloved God. This is why I shared this. It touches and warms the heart and soul. Daniel


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