Tuesday, May 15, 2018

My personal appeal for help

General Sharing: My personal appeal to any and to all, for help to feed the dependent animals which God has sent to me-as my funds are 100% totally depleted


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Dan Everiss

Thu, May 10, 2018 at 3:37 PM



Χριστός Ανέστη

"Man and beast, Thou savest Lord!"

My Paschal-tide request to any and to all-

To any of you who may be able to help me with this, I ask your help-
And I do not ask this for myself, for my own needs, but for those innocent creatures which depend on me here.
I can use any amount of monetary aid, basically the more the better of course, so that I can seriously stock up  on their foods,
 [and have it on hand here, so that even if I have to lack, they will not have to],
 to purchase animal food [mainly large bags of economy dry dog and cat food] for them. as my own very limited monthly social security income is this month, presently totally  exhausted, 
with myself still being burdened by high winter/spring
-time electric heating bills, other unforeseen unexpected added costs,
and my own on-going 'normal' living expenses, etc.... added to the cost of animal foods.

Financially, I am prostrate. I am close to $1,000.00 in debt to the bank at this time, to buy them food,
 my maximum that I can borrow from the bank. That bank debt badly needs to be erased.
THANK YOU, most sincerely!...from myself and from God's innocent critters.

Reader Daniel Everiss
And may God reward you for your mercy!
Your prayers I ask, as I also daily pray for you all.

Christ  Is  Risen!

Daniel Everiss
8419 Hwy 138 West
Oakland, Oregon 97462

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