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KGB ousted Georgian Patriarchate

An Informational Sharing: Georgia's Sufferings, caused by KGB/FSB Dictator Vladimir Putin: South Ossetia: "Moscow has ousted the Georgian Patriarchate"


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Dan Everiss

Tue, May 8, 2018 at 3:40 PM

Many articles and links to reports dealing with Putin's aggressions/territory grabs  against  Georgia, etc.:


Found on internetsobor.org:

Южная Осетия: Москва решила вытеснить Грузинскую патриархию

South Ossetia: Moscow decided to oust the Georgian Patriarchate

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Власти Южной Осетии не позволили Грузинской Православной Церкви провести богослужение в день Георгия Победоносца

Authorities of South Ossetia did not allow the Georgian Orthodox Patriarchal Church to hold a divine service on the great feast day of St. George the Victorious

Представители Грузинской Православной Церкви во главе с митрополитом Горийским и Атенским Андреем (Гвазава) вместе с прихожанами собирались провести богослужение в церкви села Адзисар в Цхинвальском районе Южной Осетии по случаю празднования в Грузии 6 мая дня святого Георгия.

Representatives of the Georgian Orthodox Church headed by the Metropolitan of Gori and Athena Andrey (Gvazava), along with parishioners, gathered to conduct worship services in the church of the village of Adzisar in the Tskhinvali district of South Ossetia on the occasion of the celebration of St. George's Day in Georgia on May 6.

Однако ГПЦ не удалось провести службу на территории Южной Осетии, сообщает "Кавказский узел".

However, the GOC [also] did not manage to conduct a service on the territory of South Ossetia, the "Caucasian Knot" reports.

Планы ГПЦ вызвали резкую реакцию со стороны властей и общественности Южной Осетии, в частности полпред президента РЮО по вопросам постконфликтного урегулирования Мурат Джиоев расценил эти действия как серьезную провокацию, которая может осложнить ситуацию.

The plans of the Georgian Orthodox Church provoked a sharp reaction from the authorities and the public of South Ossetia, in particular, the plenipotentiary of the President of the RSO on issues of post-conflict settlement, Murat Dzhioev, regarded these actions as a serious provocation that could complicate the situation.

В Комитете госбезопасности в свою очередь назвали неприемлемыми несанкционированные акции на территории Южной Осетии и заявили об усилении режима охраны государственной границы.

In the State Security Committee, in turn, 'unauthorized actions' on the territory of South Ossetia were declared 'unacceptable' and they announced the strengthening of the state border protection regime.

В связи с этим богослужение в связи с Днем святого Георгия, запланированное в храме святого Георгия в селе Адзвистави, было перенесено в храм Пресвятой Троицы, который находится в селе Адзви.

 In connection with this, the service celebrating St. George's Day, which had been planned at St. George's Church in the village of Adzvistavi, was moved to the temple of the Holy Trinity, which is located in the village of Adzvi.-[which is over the new South Ossetian border, and inside of present Georgia].

Митрополит Горийский и Афонский Андрей назвал "непонятным" заявление властей Южной Осетии о том, что намерение представителей церкви посетить с прихожанами храм в районе села Адзвистави будет расценено как провокация.

Metropolitan Andrew, of Gori and Athos, called "incomprehensible" the statement of the authorities of South Ossetia that the intention of representatives of the church to visit with parishioners in a temple near the village of Adzvistavi will be regarded as a provocation.

Он выразил надежду, что в последующие годы жители Грузии и Южной Осетии вместе будут отмечать День святого Георгия.

He expressed the hope that in the years to come the residents of Georgia and South Ossetia will celebrate St. George's Day together.
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Petition to help Georgian people in their struggle against Russian (Putin's) aggression:

Petition calling to help Georgian people in their struggle against Russian aggression released
15 July, 2015
Petition calling to help Georgian people in their struggle against Russian aggression released
The petition, titled "Help Georgian people in their struggle against Russian aggression" was published on the www.change.org website.

It is addressed to President of the United States, United States Secretary of State, senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Bob Corker and Ben Cardin, as well as Ambassador Samantha Power and U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John F. Teff.

“We are writing this letter to raise our concerns about recent escalation of Russian aggression in the country of Georgia, and to ask you to help Georgian people in their struggle against continuous Russian occupation. Since full scale military invasion by Russia in 2008, approximately 20% of internationally recognized Georgian territories continue to be occupied by Russian troops. In Samachablo (South Ossetia) region alone, more than 120 Georgian villages are presently under Russian control. Moreover, Russian border operations did not cease after the end of active Russian military operations on sovereign Georgian territories. In February 2013, Russian troops started the installation of barbed wire barriers to separate the occupied territory from the rest of Georgia. The new “South Ossetia-Georgia border” extended 50–300 meters beyond the occupation line. These actions had devastating effect on lives of ordinary people in the region. For instance, in the village of Dvani, families were given a few days to vacate their homes. New border crossed through several Georgian villages, and effectively separated people from their farmland, ancestral homes, and cemeteries. After Dvani and Ditsi, Adzvi became the third Georgian village that was divided into two parts. Many Georgian residents could not access their yards or come out of their homes because the border of barbed wire runs through their property. By late October 2013, about 40 km of fencing or barbed wire had been installed, supported by intermittent pylons equipped with hi-tech surveillance cameras. Russia had built 19 border guard bases. This “creeping occupation” of Georgian territories continues to this day. As recently as July 10, 2015, Russian occupation forces illegally installed signposts marking the “South Ossetian border” in the village of Tsitelubani and near the village of Orchosani. As a result, certain segments of international Baku-Supsa oil pipeline now reside on the territory under Russian control. Since the fall of Soviet Union in 1991, Georgia is striving to build a functional democracy and become a member of the free world with ambitious goals to join EU and NATO. Georgia has been a staunch supporter of the USA and a major contributor to American-led operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. As demonstrated by its politics in Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova, Russia sees such loyalties and aspirations of its neighbors as direct threat to its own interests, and will try to do its best in order to cripple these young democracies. We are concerned that without strong continuous support and help from the United States Georgia may once again fall under Russian control, which will be disastrous for Georgia's future and harmful for the American interests in the region. We are respectfully asking you to apply all means available to you in order to support, empower, and help Georgian people in their struggle for freedom, democracy, and territorial integrity. We trust that tangible diplomatic efforts, stricter sanctions against Russia, international observer missions, and your support of Georgian government and civil society will be very effective in stopping Russian occupation of Georgia” – the petition reads.

Sign the petition here: www.change.org
President of the United States, John Kerry, John McCain, Lindsey Graham: Help Georgian people in their struggle against Russian aggression

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