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Festal Sharing: Thursday May 4/17 Holy Ascension

Festal Sharing: For Thursday May 4/17: The Holy Ascension of Our Lord, God, and Saviour Jesus Christ

Dan Everiss <>Tue, May 15, 2018 at 6:20 PM

"For who can be compared to the Lord? Who is seated on high, and yet His eyes behold the lowly!"

Thou art the King of Glory, O Christ!

Troparion, Tone 4:
"Thou hast ascended in glory, O Christ our God, having gladdened Thy disciples with the promise of the Holy Spirit; and they were assured by the blessing that Thou art the Son of God, the Redeemer of the world."

Kontakion, Tone 6:
"When Thou didst fulfill Thy dispensation for our sake, uniting things on earth with  the heavens, Thou didst ascend in glory O Christ our God, departing not hence, but remaining inseparable from us, and crying unto them that love Thee: I am with you, and no one shall be against you."    

( About this traditional and fuller Orthodox Holy Ascension Icon: Christ is shown inside the mandorla blessing all with his right hand and holding a scroll in his left. This is to show love and knowledge. This sphere is being carried up in glory by angels.
Even though we see Christ departing, the Orthodox Church sees the Second and Glorious Coming in the same icon. Jesus said he would return exactly as he ascended. The icon does not show direction. His love and teachings are still with the Church)

Matins Gospel: Mark §71 (16:9-20) 
Liturgy Epistle: •Acts §1 (1:1-12). 
Liturgy Gospel: •Luke §114 (24:36-53). 

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