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What Should We Do?

Sharing: "What Should We Do?"- about the end times world-wide apostasy, by St. Ignatius Brianchaninov

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Dan Everiss

Thu, Mar 8, 2018 at 2:21 PM


What Should We Do? St. Ignatius Brianchaninov

St Ignatius, with his prophetic spirit, he deeply penetrated the spirit of the universal apostasy of the last times. Here we are citing some of his characteristic thoughts, so much current, even today: 

"God has permitted apostasy.  We are helpless to stop this apostasy.  Weak hands will have no power against it and nothing more will be required by us, than the attempt to avoid it.  The spirit of the age will reveal the apostasy.  Study it, if you wish to avoid it, if you wish to escape this age and the temptation of its spirits... Only the certain Grace of God may stop this pernicious moral epidemic, and to postpone it for awhile, for it is necessary for it all to happen, what  all was foretold in the Holy Scriptures... There is no one who can renew Christianity.  Vessels of the Holy Spirit everywhere have dried up, even in the monasteries, these treasuries of piousness and grace... The salt has lost its savor.  Among church shepherds there exists merely a weak, unclear, and inconsistent understanding of the Word, which is destroying spiritual life.  Christianity is: in doing,  and not,  in words . It's difficult even to look at whom we have been  entrusted, or into whose hands Christ's sheep have befallen, to whom their guidance and salvation is entrusted!  But, God has allowed that... God's merciful long endurance postpones the complete breakdown for the sake of saving a few souls themselves, while those who have already started on the road of perdition,- have already perished, or are reaching the peak of corruptness... 
 Let the merciful Lord protect the remnant who are still believing in Him, but that remnant is few in number, and getting fewer."

(Words of St. Ignaty were written over a hundred years ago)
Ecumenism and Apostasy of the Last Times
Fr Sava Janjic
-- From "What Should We Do"
by Abp Averky

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