Friday, March 23, 2018

My Thanks to all readers

My Thanks and Notice from Reader Daniel Everiss in Oregon, to all of my readers on this blog:<>and on my email list-

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Dan Everiss

Fri, Mar 23, 2018 at 5:52 PM

Friday, March 10/23, Fourth Week of Great Lent, 2018

Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory to Him Forever!

First of all: My profound thanks for all of you who send me aid, in the past or presently, who pray for me, and who wish me well, in your kind words. As best I am able, I daily do remember you all in my unworthy prayers before God's throne, for both the living and the departed.  YOUR prayers, I ask!

Well, to all of you, my warmest greetings [as our current heavy & sudden 'wet' snowfall is causing tree branches/trees  to break and  fall with loud crashes, all around me here in this  thick dark fir forest] and may you all have a good spiritually enriching conclusion to Great Lent and this coming Holy Week  and a Bright Paschal celebration!

Some of you, I know, and many others who may read what I share, and then may  re-share my articles with others, I do not personally know.

I have been in this End-Times church battle, since about 2001 onward, basically struggling to defend traditional/genuine  Orthodoxy and my old, pre-2007, best I could and to the best of my knowledge and abilities.

For these past approximately 34 years, I have lived here, at Our Saviour's Place.
Originally, years ago,  before I got my first primitive computer [for which I had to use the slow & aggravating 'dial-up connection' to the internet],  I had to wage this battle via hand-written personal letters, and phone conversations, and in mailing out hundreds of ['snail-mail'] Xeroxed copies of pertinent church documents.
But now, I am old, going blind from glaucoma, in an ever further declining  health,  and living in ongoing grinding poverty, and I am  basically just WORN OUT.

While those who wish to destroy our remnant canonical ROCA: the MP, ROCOR/MP, and various hostile & rival 'fragments', not to mention our Mt. View schismatics, are marching boldly forward, and they are no longer a part of our church, but have created their own new rebel-'churches' .

It is useless to try to inform them of their errors, [and when they will not listen to metropolitans or bishops, or heed what the Holy Fathers and Holy Canons say.... who am I...that they should listen to lowly unimportant me!?]....or to influence them to repent and return?

I give up on them all. They have joined the forces of apostasy.

And, have I ever been shown any encouragement or thanks from my ROCA's leadership , for my battles on its behalf? None, not one word.

But I seek to please God, not man anyway. GOD rewards me.

So, I must cut back. I am in my home-stretch, my own end days, in which I need to concentrate on with God, in the other world, not in this passing one. My physical powers and material resources are limited.

Hence,  I will now, seldom post anything on this blog. Why? because of [beyond my control] on-going internet caused technical difficulties in doing this, [e.g. I have no full control of this blog anymore] and because the you-tube system is making it more and more difficult to share various you-tube VIDEOS,  without 'them' adding various other video links to various videos.... which I am not sharing.

Those who control you-tube, & indeed the entire world-wide internet, post what they want to, censor and exclude what they want, and not what I want to share with others.

There is no longer true freedom of speech on the internet.

For as long as I still have strength, I shall carry-on with my direct, person-to-person emailed articles, as best I can....just probably without sharing you-tube videos, which will be a great loss to my readers ore viewers,  but which problem I have no way of solving. I have tried to, but I just cannot manage this.

Still also, I will try to correct and smooth-out the rough 'machine-English translations' from the
Russian, though yes, I am not the best person to accomplish this, yet
FEW OTHERS SEEM TO CARE, among those who are fluent in both Russian and modern spoken English.

To those, among our older Russian bishops or other clergy, [and who mainly live outside of North America]  who seem to assume/choose to believe,  that all those Orthodox people, HERE,  of 'Russian' roots,-that they all understand or speak fluent Russian, -they really are living in a former-times ignorance. Here, in English speaking countries, most of those who may indeed have their personal and proud 'Russian' personal identities, [ of those people born and grown up here] understand ONLY the English language, and Russian ...little or many of them, not at all.

My personal mission has been, with all of my own linguistic deficiencies, to communicate with these forgotten Orthodox also with those fluent in Russian.

For those who may wish to send me handwritten letters or aid: [especially as I need help in feeding the animals which God has sent to me to care for].

Daniel Everiss
8419 Hwy 138 West
Oakland, Oregon 97462


May God Save Us All!

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