Sunday, March 25, 2018

Holy Mother Mary of Egypt, Pray to God for Us

Sharing: Various icons: Fifth Sunday of Great Lent, St. Mary of Egypt: "O Our Holy Mother Mary of Egypt, Pray to God for Us!" - {"When all else is gone, all that remains .... is... God!"}


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Dan Everiss

Sat, Mar 24, 2018 at 5:31 PM

Troparion tone 5:
"Enlightened by the grace of the Cross, thou wast shone forth as a radiant lamp of repentance, dispelling the darkness of the passions, O all-holy one. Wherefore thou didst appear as an angel in the flesh unto the sacred Zosimas in the wilderness, O Mary, our righteous mother, do thou intercede with Christ for us." 

Kontakion tone 3:
"Thou who once of old wast filled with all manner of fornication, art now seen today to be a bride of Christ by thy repentance. Thou didst love and emulate the life of the angels. By the Cross thou didst annihilate  the hordes of demons; for this cause thou art a bride now in the kingdom of the heavens, O Mary, thou all-modest one." 

Another Kontakion, tone 4:
"Having escaped the darkness of sin, and having illumined thy heart with the light of repentance, O glorious one, thou didst come to Christ and didst offer to Him His all-pure and holy Mother  as a merciful intercessor. Henceforth, thou hast found remission of thy transgressions, and thou ever rejoicest with the angels."    



The lion helps to dig her grave.


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