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Outsider's View of MP Bolshevism

+On the Sunday of The Second Coming of Christ: An insightful and of value, outsider's view, [by scholar Christopher Strup] of the modern history of the Russian Orthodox Church-MP: "Has the ROC-MP overcome the consequences of Bolshevism?"


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Dan Everiss

Sun, Feb 11, 2018 at 4:54 PM

*Article found on internetsobor:

A warning advisement before reading this valuable & useful, yet partially flawed and incomplete study, written by a foreign non-Orthodox scholar:

One must remember: That this learned author, Christopher Strup, though highly praised as a student and scholar of Russian matters and history, yet he is not an Orthodox Christian, and so some of his knowledge of and assessments of what exactly happened,  especially from a spiritual/Orthodox canonical/normal church order stance,  in the Russian Church, both in old Russia, and also post the 1917 revolution, both inside of  Russia and out in the scattered world-wide Russian diaspora, are not exactly a correct full or analysis of  the particulars. He knows almost nothing of Russian diaspora history, which has been and still is very twisted and divided and complicated.
And he takes the commonly held miss-understanding,  and the communist's promoted propaganda  fallacy, as if it were the fact: i.e. that the Russian Church! ...which it is not. It is a totally break with the valid Russian Church, and indeed it is a communist created unnatural monstrous creature, one they created for their purposes.
Hence, I almost did not, at my  first reading of it,  wish to share his semi-deficient  analysis, but I have decided to share it, as what is excellent in his honest study, is that he tells the precise truth about the CURRENT ON-GOING 'NORMAL' corrupt and enslaved relationship of the MP to the communist controlled government, its total and absolute master.
To those who so foolishly joined their diaspora churches, both the old North American Metropolia [the OCA] in 1970, and  in 2007,  a large part of our old free ROCOR, [now called, ROCOR/MP] to this Kremlin enslaved Moscow Patriarchy, THIS fact of which he proves and stresses, is THE central  main trap of them being sucked under that enslaved MP.

HOWEVER, once again, to read a far more correct history and explanation of the exact and spiritual history of many- but not all, of these complicated matters, I direct readers to: 
"A History of The Russian Church Abroad, 1917-1970"

 Size: 36.6 MB, Mega-Bites
Total number of readable pages: 210
Publishers Preface
Chapter I: A Brief History Of Orthodoxy In America, Before The Bolshevist Revolution Of 1917,
pages 1-8
Chapter II: The Russian Church Abroad After The Revolution of 1917,
pages 9-65
Chapter III: The Orthodox Church In America Since The Bolshevist Revolution,
pages 66-119
Chapter IV: Is The Metropolia Ready For Autocephaly?,
pages 120-149
Chapter V: Ought The Metropolia To Have Dealt With The Moscow Patriarchate?
pages 150-174
Chapter VI: The Fruits Of The Autocephaly,
pages 175-210, including-

My added and revised comments:
 This rich revealing in-depth study is about the number one BEST  history of Russian Church Abroad history from 1917-1970,
 in English, and it especially is super valuable as it documents the dirty double dealings of the communists in Russia and of their using their
 captive Moscow Patriarchy for their world-wide power schemes, and the shameful betrayal of the
American, formerly called, The North American Russian Metropolia, renamed in 1970 as the   'OCA', into its actual subjugation
 [which was miss-labeled as:  'autocephaly'- 'independence'!].... to the communist Stalin-created in 1943,
 the bogus and phony and uncanonical and apostate, 'Moscow Patriarchy'  which shameful betrayal was accomplished  in 1970.
Most local parish members of OCA parishes, knew little or nothing about what was actually happening back then, worked out in secret. They (and I]  TRUSTED OUR CLERGY!
When this expose came out and I was blessed by God! to receive it and to carefully read and absorb it, this was a major influence in my difficult decision
 to finally, leave my "OCA", of which I had been a loyal and active member of for many years, in fact since age 17, when I first became an Orthodox Christian,
 and to flee,  for the salvation of my immortal soul, to the canonical and fully ORTHODOX, diaspora Russian Church Abroad.
But, I remember very well, when I was still in the old North American Russian Metropolia
...which was renamed in 1970, 'The Orthodox Church in America', and  I witnessed the zealous actions of Archpriest Alexander Schmemann,
who went all over America, promoting autocephaly, to most important and larger,  Metropolia parishes, and preached to them, in two languages,
 [whenever it was called for] in both Russian and/or  English, the rousing triumphant joyous message:
 "We have gained something very wonderful and valuable to our American church from Moscow,[i.e. our canonical independence] 
 and they [i.e. the Moscow Patriarchy] have gotten nothing  in return! We have a victory over  them!"~
At which point in Schmemann's  speech, the people present enthusiastically clapped their hands and happily laughed.
But what actually did the communist front called the Moscow Patriarchy get 'in return'?
It certainly was a lot more than, 'nothing'.
They got four or more  major & obvious victories:
1) they further split and greatly weakened the unity of the anti-communist world-wide Russian diaspora-'the enemies of Russia' in their view-
2) they got FOREIGN RECOGNITION ...that their totally controlled and uncanonical bogus soviet 'church' was
 THE valid 'Mother Russian Orthodox Church'-the sole and only  valid continuation of Holy Patriarch Tikhon's real Russian Church,
which it never was, nor is now.
3) The Kremlin  thus gained a human-foothold into the American scene, by using their devoted and obedient
 glassy-eyed hypnotized sympathetic OCA clergy and many thousands of deceived laity in America [America being, still in their evil communist eyes, their number
one enemy country and government in the whole world,] to be their Fifth-Column  agents, and willing propaganda mouthpieces  inside of their enemy country,
and where it then became possible to utilize their new daughter church,  as their propagandist and as possibly even, so they hoped for-
to become  spies and espionage agents..."for love of Mother Russia".
4) Moscow was, shamefully,  gifted with the Japanese Orthodox Church, a hard won mission church, originally,  of the old real Russian Church, and founded by that great missionary, Holy Bishop Nikolai Kasatkin, of Thrice-Blessed Memory.
To this very day, the OCA,  now coupled and 'canonical' partners with the traitor ROCOR/MP, ...are in fact, sock-puppets and dupes & tools
 and delusional servants of ...Vladimir Putin and his Kremlin KGB/FSB gang. They speak, often and loudly, on behalf of .... 'sincere Orthodox Christian' V. Putin,
here in America.
"Ex-KGB Agent", mass murderer, the Butcher of Ukraine and of Syria, dictator Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, - being the real MP 'Patriarch', the actual head of the false, -'Mother Russian Church'.
*Still, to this day, one never hears nor reads of any open or public OCA criticisms of their beloved 'Mother Church' their  MP or of its true head, Vladimir Putin
- only praise & a steady stream of  defenses of him and his MP church, and with continual mutual fraternal clerical 'visits' and mutual co-operation.
The MP steadily also, pushes the OCA into more and more ecumenist betrayals of the Orthodox Faith....for its world-wide communist power goals.
Also, more and more MP clergy from Putin's Russia, are relocating to America and are taking over-INFILTRATING, many larger and older OCA parishes here....and too, gradually ROCOR/MP parishes also.
But from OCA clergy and laity, one does hear and read,  of their mindlessly parroting of the Kremlin's current and often anti-American
 propaganda party-line! I am a personal witness to this. Such garbage has been spoken to me, in my face!, from both clergy and laity members of the OCA and also from ROCOR/MP.
Now, Hilarion Kapral's ROCOR/MP clergy and internet trolls, do the same, especially  on the internet.
Retired Reader Daniel Everiss in Oregon
P.S. So, in fact, the communist-Moscow Patriarchy and their true communist masters, got A LOT in repayment/blood money
 for their graciously granting their ILLEGITIMATE Tomos of 'autocephaly' to the North American Russian Metropolia,
which was in fact, in canonical schism [actually two times over] from the Russian Church Abroad, a schism first started by
 renegade Bp. Platon  Roshdyestvensky, of SORRY MEMORY!,  back in  the early 1920's, utilizing his trickery and lies and armed
with his FORGED FALSE-UKAZ ....."of Pat. Tikhon"!  Platon actually founded the North American Russian-Metropolia schism back then.
Patriarch Tikhon had NEVER blessed that!
It takes awhile to read and digest all of this, but it is well worth the time and patience, and even to re-read it over again, as it is so filled
 unless we study and learn this past history. Today, I spent most of this day, slowly and carefully reading all of It, not allowing myself any diversion or rest,
to refresh my memory. And it was only today, that I remembered that I personally had met or knew, -to various degrees,  a number of these major clerical
traitors to Orthodoxy, both the priests and the bishops and others, those  corrupted people, in my old Metropolia days. But back in those days, they deceived  me-I had great respect and trust in most of them. I only saw them as holy men of God. But, I was fooled! So, actually, I know far more about the  flaws and corruptions of a number of these prominent Metropolia/OCA  leading people, some of whom were mentioned by name in this document, than is exposed ever so briefly here. How many of them came to bad ends to their lives, & in covered-up hidden shame. But, this knowledge  is not to my joy, but is my profound sorrow. I wasted many years of my life, being loyal to them, and looking up to them. I deeply regret that misplaced trust, now.
In hindsight, I clearly know that They were the false-shepherds, wolves not true shepherds, the blind leading the blind.
Reader Daniel Everiss, in Oregon
The Link:


Взгляд со стороны на современную историю РПЦ

An outsider's -view, of the modern history of the MP-ROC

Автор: Интернет Собор. Author: Internetsobor. Дата публикации: Date of publication: 11 февраля 2018 February 11, 2018 . . Категория: Московская Патриархия . Category: Moscow Patriarchate .
Vladimir Putin met with members of the Bishops' Council of the ROC
Россия: Преодолела ли Русская православная церковь последствия большевизма?
Russia: Has the Russian Orthodox Church-MP overcome the consequences of Bolshevism?
Кристофер Струп Christopher Strup
Общеизвестно, что приход к власти большевиков в 1917 году стал большим злом для верующих Российской империи.
  It is well known that the coming to power of the Bolsheviks in 1917 became a big evil for the faithful of the Russian Empire.
Менее известен тот факт, что Октябрьская революция прервала движение за реформу церкви, которое могло бы развернуть Русскую православную церковь (РПЦ) в новом направлении.

Less well known is the fact that the October Revolution interrupted the movement for the reform of the church, which could have  re-directed the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) in a new direction.
Революция также вызвала раскол, от которого церковь не оправилась по сей день.

The Bolshevik  revolution also caused a split, from which the church has not recovered to this day.
При царях Русская православная церковь (РПЦ) служила важной опорой самодержавной системы, хотя по поводу степени подчинения церкви государству по-прежнему идут споры.
Under the tsars, the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) served as an important pillar of the autocratic system, although disputes remain about the extent to which the church was subordinated to the state, then.

 Некоторые историки, такие как Григорий Фриз и Скотт Кенворти, утверждают, что мнение о том, что РПЦ была «служанкой государства», является неверным.
Some historians, such as Gregory Freese and Scott Kenworthy, argue that the view that the ROC [in the old Russian Empire] was "the servant of the state" is incorrect.
Но можно с уверенностью сказать, что сфера деятельности церкви была ограничена, что вызывало недовольство как многих верующих, так и духовенства.
  But we can say with certainty that the scope/freedom  of the church was limited, in pre-revolutionary Russia, which caused discontent among many believers and clergy alike.
В конечном итоге после революций 1917 года близкие отношения церкви с царистским режимом обернулись для нее большими проблемами.
  Ultimately, after the revolution of 1917, the previous close relationship of the church with the tsarist regime, turned into new and big problems for the church.
В конце царской эпохи власти препятствовали реформистскому движению внутри РПЦ, отложив планы церкви созвать реформистский всероссийский церковный совет, известный в православной терминологии как Поместный собор.

At the end of the tsarist era, the [bolshevick] authorities prevented the reformist movement inside the ROC, postponing the Church's plans to convene a reforming All-Russian church council known in Orthodox terminology as the: Local Council.

Но благодаря Февральской революции собор все-таки удалось созвать в августе 1917 года.
  But thanks to the February Revolution, the All-Russian cathedral/sobor still managed to convene itself in August 1917.
На Поместном соборе быстро было принято решение о передаче полномочий на принятие решений местным приходам.

At the Local Council, it was quickly decided to delegate certain authority to make decisions, to the local parishes.

Это было сделано в надежде активизировать духовную жизнь.

This was done in the hope of activating the spiritual life.

Российские императоры препятствовали подобным инициативам, так как опасались любых форм независимой общественной активности.

Russian emperors had hindered such initiatives, as they feared any form of independent public activity.

Наиболее значительной реформой, принятой собором, было восстановление должности патриарха, упраздненной при Петре I, который заменил его Святейшим синодом — органом, который позволил государству внимательно следить за церковью и ограничивать ее независимость.

The most significant reform adopted by the council/sobor was the restoration of the post of Patriarch of All Russia,  abolished under Peter I, who replaced the patriarch with the Holy Synod, an organ that allowed the state to closely monitor the church and limit its independence.

Новым патриархом 5 ноября 1917 года (по старому стилю) — всего через несколько дней после захвата большевиками власти в Петрограде — был избран Тихон (Беллавин).

A new Patriarch on November 5, 1917 (in the old style) - just a few days after the Bolsheviks seized power in Petrograd - Tikhon (Bellavin) was elected.
Большевикам потребовался почти год, чтобы официально закрыть Поместный собор.

It took the Bolsheviks almost a year to officially close the Local Council.
В последовавшем за Октябрьской революцией хаосе церковь тоже начала разрушаться.

In the chaos that followed the October Revolution, the church also began to collapse.
На фоне смуты первых лет большевистского периода патриарх Тихон предоставил самоуправление церковным приходам в Северной Америке, что впоследствии привело к появлению Православной церкви в Америке (ОСА).

Against the backdrop of the troubles of the first years of the Bolshevik period, Patriarch Tikhon granted self-government to church parishes in North America, which subsequently led to the emergence of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA).
(Added Note: Once again, NO!, Patriarch Tikhon did not grant self-government to parishes in North America, though that was indeed his eventual long range hope and goal, if matters had developed differently than they sadly did: again: read: "A History of the Russian Church Abroad 1917-1970".)
  Позже Тихон приказал отколовшейся церкви в изгнании — антибольшевистскому Карловацкому синоду — самораспуститься.
Later Tikhon ordered a breakaway church in exile - the anti-Bolshevik Karlovatsk synod - to dissolve itself.
[Added Note: NO! all understood at that time, that that political ukaz/edict  was a false one, forced or simply just forged by the communists,
and so it was rightly ignored by the diaspora Russian church. This is fully explained  in the text of: 'The History of the Russian Church Abroad, 1917-1970']
Но представители синода затем снова собрались и основали Русскую православная церковь за границей (РПЦЗ).
But the synod representatives then again gathered and founded the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (ROCOR).
После смерти Тихона в 1925 году пост патриарха остался вакантным, а РПЦ подверглась мощному давлению со стороны государства.

After the death of Tikhon in 1925, the post of patriarch remained vacant, and the ROC was subjected to powerful pressure from the state.
Как отмечается в книге Натаниэля Дейвиса «Долгая дорога к церкви: современная история российского православия», к 1939 году число действующих приходов РПЦ рухнуло до 200-300, в то время как до революции их было около 50 тысяч.

As noted in the book  by Nathaniel Davis "Long road to the church: the modern history of Russian Orthodoxy," by 1939 the number of active parishes of the ROC fell to 200-300, while before the revolution there were about 50 thousand.
Трудности, созданные Второй мировой войной, побудили советского диктатора Иосифа Сталина смягчить свое отношение к церкви и разрешить избрать нового патриарха, которым стал Сергий (Страгородский).

The difficulties created by the Second World War prompted the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin to soften his attitude towards the church and allow the election of a new patriarch, who became Sergius (Stragorodsky).

РПЦ была вынуждена подчиняться государству в течение всего оставшегося советского периода.

The ROC was forced to submit to the state during the entire remaining Soviet period.
Между тем русские христиане за рубежом продолжали развивать теологическую мысль, считая свои действия усилиями по сохранению «истинной» русской культуры до тех пор, пока не падет советская власть.

Meanwhile, Russian Christians abroad continued to develop theological thought, considering their actions as efforts to preserve the "true" Russian culture until the fall of Soviet power.
Объявленные бывшим советским лидером Михаилом Горбачевым в конце 1980-х годов перестройка и гласность вызвали надежду на то, что реформистский потенциал Поместного собора 1917-1918 годов возродится, и богословские идеи и церковные обычаи, пропагандируемые представителями зарубежного русского православного духовенства и светскими интеллектуалами, некоторые из которых распространились в СССР среди диссидентов, могут оказать положительное влияние на развитие РПЦ.

The restructuring and glasnost announced by the former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in the late 1980s aroused the hope that the reformist potential of the Local Council of 1917-1918 would be revived, and the theological ideas and ecclesiastical customs promoted by representatives of the Russian Orthodox clergy and secular intellectuals, some of them which spread in the USSR among dissidents, could have had a positive impact on the development of the ROC.
«Это было невероятно захватывающее время», — сказал Серж Шеманн, бывший московский корреспондент «Нью-Йорк Таймс», отец которого, Александр, был выдающимся богословом-эмигрантом.

"It was an incredibly exciting time," said Serge Schmemann, a former Moscow correspondent for The New York Times, whose father, Archpriest Alexander Schmemann,  was an well known  émigré theologian.
В 1988 году отмечался тысячелетний юбилей крещения Киевской Руси.

In 1988, the thousandth anniversary of the baptism of Kievan Rus was celebrated.
По всей России прошли крупные торжества, были вновь открыты церкви и монастыри, и опять был созван Поместный собор.

Throughout Russia, large celebrations were held, churches and monasteries were reopened, and the Local Council was again convened.
«Я помню, что был поражен тем, как люди восстановили традиции, которые, как я думал, были утеряны — хоровое пение, звон колоколов и т.д., — поделился воспоминаниями Шеманн.

"I remember that I was amazed at how people restored traditions that I thought were lost - choral singing, ringing bells, etc.," Serge Schmemann shared his memories.
К сожалению, это не могло долго продолжаться».

"Unfortunately, this could not last long."

Руководство РПЦ в конечном итоге не последовало реформистским импульсам.
The leadership of the ROC ultimately did not follow the reformist impulses.
Инга Леонова, редактор ежеквартального православного журнала «Колесо», описала ситуацию следующим образом: вследствие преследований, особенно в ранний советский период, у РПЦ не было условий для того, чтобы проанализировать обстоятельства, которые способствовали широко распространенной ненависти старого режима к церкви.

Inga Leonova, editor of the quarterly Orthodox magazine Koleso, described the situation as follows: due to persecution, especially in the early Soviet period, the ROC did not have the conditions to analyze the circumstances that contributed to the widespread hatred of the old regime towards the church.
Другим фактором, по ее словам, было то, что руководство РПЦ при советской системе не имело возможности поразмыслить по поводу вопроса о взаимоотношениях между церковью и государством.
Another factor, she said, was that the leadership of the ROC under the Soviet system had no opportunity to reflect on the issue of the relationship between the church and the state.
Преследование в советские времена только поощряло у РПЦ «стремление к восстановлению отношений, при которых ее власть была бы гарантирована государством в обмен на политическую лояльность, — сказала Леонова.

Persecution in the Soviet era only encouraged in the ROC "the desire to restore relations, in which its power would be guaranteed by the state in exchange for political loyalty," Leonova said.
Эта позиция неизбежно приводит к компромиссу с государством».

"This position inevitably lead to a compromise of the church to the state."
Между тем православные интеллектуалы за рубежом, понимавшие, какой ущерб церкви нанесла зависимость от государства, не смогли «продвинуть эти мысли до уровня массового обсуждения», отметила Леонова.
Meanwhile, Orthodox intellectuals abroad, who understood how much damage to the church was caused by its dependence on the state, could not "move these thoughts to the level of mass discussion," Leonova noted.
Еще более усложнило ситуацию то, что вскоре после распада СССР произошел еще один церковный раскол.

Even a more complicated situation developed; was  that soon after the collapse of the USSR there was another church split.
Украинская православная церковь в начале 1990-х годов учредила Киевский патриархат, который, не будучи официально непризнанным в православной общине, тем не менее является мощным соперником духовного авторитета Московского патриархата в колыбели русского православия, а также представляет собой фундаментальную угрозу имперской идеологии Кремля, которой нынешнее руководство РПЦ Московского патриархата (РПЦ МП), судя по всему, неспособно противостоять.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church established the Kyiv Patriarchate in the early 1990s, which, while it was not officially recognized in the Orthodox community, nevertheless it has become  a powerful rival of the spiritual authority of the Moscow Patriarchate in the cradle of Russian Orthodoxy, and it also represents a fundamental threat to the imperial ideology of the Kremlin, which the current leadership of the ROC of the Moscow Patriarchate (ROC MP) appears to be incapable of resisting. ..i.e. that of the 'imperial ideology of the Kremlin', over the church.
Но были и позитивные перемены.
But there were also positive changes.
Например, РПЦ МП удалось в 2007 году официально помириться с РПЦЗ.
{For example, the ROC MP managed to "officially reconcile with the ROCA in 2007".}!
За пределами России РПЦ МП сегодня ч

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Outside of Russia, the ROC MP today is often perceived as an instrument of soft power acting as a standard-bearer in the Kremlin's campaign to position Russia as the main defender of "traditional values" in the world.

В опубликованной в 2015 году книге Марселя Ван Герцена «Пропагандистская машина Путина: мягкая сила и внешняя политика России» представлены задокументированные примеры роли РПЦ МП в продвижении государственных целей.
In the book published in 2015 by Marcel Van Herzen, "Putin's Propaganda Machine: Soft Power and Russia's Foreign Policy", documented examples of the role of the ROC MP in promoting government goals are presented.
«Сегодняшняя Русская православная церковь [МП] переключилась с режима выживания на протяжении десятилетий путем сотрудничества с атеистическими властями на режим «выжипроцветания», став союзником государства, демонстрирующего внешнее благочестие», — сказала Эйприл Френч, специалист по русской религиозной истории, учащаяся в докторантуре при Университете Брандейса.

"Today's Russian Orthodox Church [MP] has switched from a survival regime for decades through cooperation with atheistic authorities to a" prosperity-blossoming "regime, becoming an ally of a state demonstrating external piety," said April French, a specialist in Russian religious history, University of Brandeis.
РПЦ МП предпринимает попытки обращения к идеям и действиям Поместного собора 1917-1918 годов.

The ROC MP is making attempts to appeal to the ideas and actions of the Local Council of 1917-1918.
В частности, расположенный в Москве Новоспасский монастырь в 2012 году начал публиковать многотомное собрание документов собора.
  In particular, the Novospassky Monastery located in Moscow, in 2012 began publishing a multivolume collection of documents of the sobor.
Данный проект осуществляется при поддержке патриарха Кирилла, написавшего предисловие к первому тому: «Многие члены Поместного церковного собора 1917-1918 годов подверглись гонениям за христианскую веру» и теперь причислены к «новым мученикам и исповедникам Русской церкви».
This project is carried out with the support of Patriarch Kyril-Gundyaev who wrote the foreword to the first volume: "Many members of the Local Church Council of 1917-1918 were persecuted for the Christian faith" and are now ranked as "new martyrs and confessors of the Russian Church."
Что касается наследия подчиненной роли церкви как в Российской империи, так и при советской системе, церковные лидеры, судя по всему, не хотят заниматься этим вопросом.

As for the legacy of the subordinate role of the church in both the Russian Empire and the Soviet system, church leaders appear not to want to deal with this issue.
Пожалуй, одним из самых ярких примеров неспособности РПЦ МП преодолеть наследие имперского и советского подчинения является внезапное увольнение Сергея Чапнина, главного редактора официального журнала РПЦ МП, снятого с должности 16 декабря 2015 года.

Perhaps one of the most vivid examples of the inability of the ROC MP to overcome the legacy of imperial and Soviet subordination is the sudden dismissal of Sergei Chapnin, the editor-in-chief of the official Journal of the ROC MP, who was dismissed on December 16,
  Когда новость об этом распространилась через социальные сети, она вызвала шок и разочарование среди российской интеллигенции.

When the news spread through social networks, it aroused shock and frustration among the Russian intelligentsia.
Назначение Чапнина, умеренно либерального православного христианского интеллектуала, на должность редактора в 2009 году дало надежду на то, что в официальных патриархальных структурах есть место для плюрализма взглядов.

The appointment of Chapnin, a moderately liberal Orthodox Christian intellectual, to the position of editor in 2009 gave hope that in official patriarchal structures there might be  room for a pluralism of views.

Но к концу 2015 года иерархам РПЦ МП и российским властям надоело мириться с публичной критикой имперских и националистических аспектов церкви со стороны Чапнина.

But by the end of 2015, the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian authorities were tired of putting up with public criticism of the imperial and nationalist aspects of the church by Chapnin.
В ответ на просьбу прокомментировать ситуацию для этой статьи Чапнин сказал следующее: «Нынешняя Русская церковь оказалась неготовой дать честную и ответственную оценку двух русских революций и советской эпохи.

In response to a request for comment on the situation for this article, Chapinin said: "The current Russian Church [the Moscow Patriarchy]  was not ready to give an honest and responsible assessment of the two Russian revolutions and the Soviet era.

Основным препятствием является опять взявшее верх самосознание Русской церкви как церкви империи».
  The main obstacle is again the self-awareness of the Russian Church-MP as: "The Church of the Empire". 

Christopher Strup
Кристофер Струп получил степень доктора философии по российской истории и междисциплинарным исследованиям в гуманитарной сфере в Стэндфордском университете в 2012 году. Christopher Strup received a PhD in Russian history and interdisciplinary research in the humanities at Stanford University in 2012.
В настоящее время является приглашенным преподавателем в Почетном колледже Университета Южной Флориды и научным сотрудником проекта «Постсветские конфликты» в Университете Инсбрука. He is currently a visiting professor at the Honorary College of the University of South Florida and a research associate at the "Post-Soviet Conflicts" project at the University of Innsbruck.
В дополнение к академическим публикациям Струп также ведет блог и регулярно пишет статьи на темы России, внешних связей, религии и политики. In addition to academic publications, Strup also maintains a blog with and regularly writes articles on Russia, external relations, religion and politics.
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