Friday, February 9, 2018

Orthodox Life magazine articles

*VALUABLE SOURCE INFORMATION SHARING: OOPS! I almost missed this important link, which yields, in its RIGHT HAND COLUMN, a long list of very valuable English translations of ROCOR pre-2007, Laurus-Schism, Orthodox Life Magazines-

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Dan Everiss

Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 5:09 PM


Note: On the left hand column is the photo-copy of Fr. George Grabbe's 1970 rebuttal [in his two statements] against the shameful 1970 Metropolia-OCA receiving its 'autocephaly' from the communist controlled 'Moscow Patriarchate' and on the right hand column, is a long list of English translations of various spiritually edifying articles in Orthodox Life, [pre-2007 Laurus Skurla schism, 'the ROCOR/MP' as it is now known], and its deluded recognition of,  and its betrayal and submission to- the apostate uncanonical KGB/FSB controlled MP, a pretend Bolshevik substitute-organization replacing  the genuine Russian Orthodox Church, last headed by THE LAST  real Russian Patriarch, Holy Confessor and Martyric Patriarch of Moscow and All-Russia, +TIKHON (Belavin) of Thrice Blessed Memory....whose holy prayers for us, before God's Throne in Heaven, we fervently supplicate.

All of this collecting and sorting out work, and entering of it all on the internet, is the unsung and prodigious work of dedicated church worker, oft unthanked Joanna Higginbotham.

May God Grant Her MANY YEARS!
Retired Rd. Daniel Everiss, in Oregon

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  1. And thanks to Rdr. Daniel Everiss for making his collection of Orthodox Life magazine available to us.


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