Monday, February 26, 2018

Orthodox-connected article

PRO-VISO: Regarding a very slick and well produced, 2015 clever movie, all in Russian,.... but this version, has added English sub-titles added here in this country, aimed specifically at Orthodox children, especially of Russian heritage and language, produced by 'The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation', and with the co-operation and blessing of the Moscow Patriarchate- so BEWARE! 

There has to be some, if only subtle propaganda message in it....basically telling us, that in the new Putin's  Russia, it is OK to be pious Russian Orthodox believers (thanks to V. Putin?, one must assume) least in the external observances and rituals  of Orthodoxy. Russian saints are.... now, OK.... (well, at least those who never rejected the communists?).

Thus, I share this certainly well produced and entertaining SWEET movie,  only with some strong reservations, even-though retired GOC Archbishop Chrysostom (Gonzales) in Etna, California, highly praises it.

Archimandrite Alexius in the UK has shared it around.
Rd. Daniel Everiss in Oregon

From: Bishop Chrysostomos
Subject: English subtitles
Date: 26 February 2018 at 15:29:41 GMT

Diocesan Clergy, Faithful, and friendly:

Last week the Fathers sent out a wonderful video for Lent ( especially good for children) that unfortunately had only Greek subtitles. This morning a good friend of the monastery sent me a version with English subtitles, which I hasten to distribute.

Invoking on all of us every blessing for the Lenten Season,

† BC

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  1. This is Satanic Hollywood at its most evil.

    Clever way to confuse reality with fantasy. What is real and what is not real? Is St. Seraphim real? Or is he a dream? Are the mean mean atheists and Cross-haters real? Or are they a fantasy made-up enemy? St. Seraphim has reindeer like Santa Clause? Maybe they know each other up there on the North Pole?


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