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Not Surprising MP is involved in the drug trade

Not Surprising to many: Argentine Eparchy of the Moscow Patriarchy is involved in the drug trade


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Dan Everiss

Wed, Feb 28, 2018 at 1:42 PM

Comment: This is no surprise to me, as for some time I have been reading and hearing that the world-wide 'Russian Mafia', [active in virtually EVERY country in the world], most of whom are connected to the Putin regime in Russia, & thus too, to Putin's 'church' his MP, are routinely ''laundering enormous sums of dirty drug monies" wherever they can, and South America is an easy place to do this.... until it is exposed.  They thus corrupt entire governments and societies, all in favor of Putin and his MP's power schemes.  And we already know how corrupt and false is the bogus Stalin 1943 founded 'Moscow Patriarchy', which itself, publically, makes big profits by selling its brands of tobacco products and its brands of Vodka, etc,-all subsidized, and exempted from taxes, by the government of the Russian Federation.  'Patriarch Kyril'  defends this, because, "We need to give 'comforts' to the Russian people".  Those 'comforts', purposely keep at lowish affordable prices, so more can afford to buy them, such as young kids, cause millions to die early from lung cancer and other tobacco related sicknesses, and the vodka, helps also, to kill off countless Russians of all ages, who kill themselves early from alcoholism, with countless ones getting drunk, and just falling in the snow, and freezing to death.  And, about 50% of Russian babies are routinely aborted in the womb.

Vladimir Putin and his Kremlin gang of oligarchs, [among the richest people on earth] care only about MONEY & POWER  for themselves, and they all live in their luxurious multiple ...palaces! -and so does, 'His All-Holiness, Patriarch Kyrill' .....the 'monk'.  Real monks vow lives of.... poverty!

BUT!: as we have been told by his extensive and massive propaganda mouthpiece defenders: "His Excellency, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, is a sincere Orthodox Christian!: he prays in church, he kisses the holy icons, he crosses himself, he takes communion, he lights candles, he builds churches, and he is 'the defender of all Orthodox Christians, world-wide'."  (Is that why he needs 'food-tasters',-who travel with him, to sample any food, in case it might be poisoned,  before he puts it in his mouth?)

(But how many human beings, Orthodox and non-Orthodox, has he had murdered? or blown up by his bombs?)

Also, of course, Putin and Kyrill both, have strong and controlling connections to the world-wide Russian crime networks, who  ALSO, thus,  greatly profit from the world-wide hunger for DRUGS, which are destroying millions of lives, world-wide.
Human civilization on this earth is being threatened with extinction, do to this drug plague.

Is this not the Devil's work? destroy all human beings.

Putin too, is the Invader and Butcher of Ukraine.... and Syria.... [all of which 'Orthodox Christian' acts, His All-Holiness, Patriarch Kyrill blesses], ....all normal actions of, God-fearing, 'sincere Orthodox Christians' (?) HARDLY!

"By their fruits shall ye know them!"

And neither of the two MP dependent, American based churches, the OCA and ROCOR/MP, ever say one word of criticism of Putin or Kyrill.

Perhaps they too, are getting Russian Mafia monies?

Without a doubt, both the 1970 betrayal of the American/Russian Metropolia/OCA,  and the later 2007 sell out of a large part of our old free ROCOR, to the MP, was 'helped' ...'oiled' by huge monies, supplied via Russian criminal agents, some no doubt wearing Orthodox clerical robes.  Both the neo-soviet Putin government itself, and its dependent religious department, the Moscow Patriarchy, are among the most corrupt and most evil and debased & immoral criminal organizations on this earth.  Like the Devil their father, they never tell the truth.

Rd. Daniel

Аргентинская епархия МП причастна к торговле наркотиками

The Argentine eparchy of the MP-Moscow Patriarchy, is involved in the drug trade

Автор: Интернет Собор. Author: Internet Cathedral. Дата публикации: Date of publication: 28 февраля 2018 February 28, 2018 . . Категория: Московская Патриархия . Category: Moscow Patriarchate .
Наши люди в Аргентине

 Our [i.e. Russian] people in Argentina

Задержанные в Буэнос-Айресе наркоторговцы, гг.

Detained in Buenos Aires, drug traffickers, gg.

Чикало и Близнюк, являются руководителями (президентом и вице-президентом соответственно) фонда православных русских меценатов в Латинской Америке

(MORAL, Mecenas Ortodoxos Rusos en Latinoamérica),

о чем можно узнать, в частности, из публикации на интернет-странице почетного консульства РФ в аргентинской Мар-дель-Плате.

 Chikalo and Bliznyuk are the leaders (the president and the vice-president respectively) of the fund of Orthodox Russian patrons in Latin America (MORAL, Mecenas Ortodoxos Rusos en Latinoamerica), which can be found, in particular, from the publication on the Internet page of the honorary consulate of the Russian Federation in the Argentinean Mar del Plata.

А собственно на сайте самой Аргентинской и Южноамериканской епархии РПЦ МП можно встретить обращенные в адрес г-на Близнюка следующие проникновенные слова: «Немалую помощь в организации праздника оказал Фонд православных предпринимателей, в лице Иоанна Близнюка, который оказывал и оказывает финансовую поддержку нашему приходу» (речь идет о престольном празднике храма МП в Мар-дель-Плата).

 And actually on the website of the Argentine and South American Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, you can meet the following heartfelt words addressed to Mr. Bliznyuk: "A lot of help in the organization of the holiday was provided by the Foundation of Orthodox Businessmen, represented by John Bliznyuk, who provided and provides financial support to our parish" ( we are talking about the patronal feast of the Temple of the MP in Mar del Plata).

*** ***
МИДельинский картель и национальный дилер.

The Foreign Ministry cartel and the national dealer.
*** ***
О самой ситуации тут:

 On the situation here:

В школе при российском посольстве в Аргентине были обнаружены почти 400 кг кокаина ( ).

 Nearly 400 kg of cocaine were found in the school at the Russian embassy in Argentina ( ).

У меня есть чуть больше информации по поводу этой истории, чем у российских СМИ, потому что, во-первых, двое моих детей сейчас учатся в этой школе, во-вторых, я лично знаком с помощником посла по безопасности Олегом Воробьевым, имя которого неоднократно фигурирует в переговорах наркоторговцев ( ).

I have a little more information about this story than the Russian media, because, firstly, my two children are currently studying at this school, and secondly, I personally know the assistant to the Ambassador for Security Oleg Vorobyov, whose name has been repeatedly appears in the negotiations of drug traffickers ( ).

Базируясь на информации, опубликованной в аргентинских СМИ (Clarin, La Nacion, Infobae), а также своей собственной информации касательно того, как работает российское посольство и школа при посольстве, могу с большой долей уверенности утверждать, что официальный комментарий МИД ( ) - это ложь.

 Based on information published in the Argentine media (Clarin, La Nacion, Infobae), as well as its own information on how the Russian embassy and the embassy school work, I can say with a high degree of certainty that the official comment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( http: // ) is a lie.

Всю вину ведомство возлагает на «закончившего к тому времени командировку по срочному трудовому договору сотрудника технического состава учреждения».В то же время школа – режимный объект, который постоянно охраняется сотрудниками ФСБ.

All the blame of the department is on "having completed a business trip under a fixed-term employment contract for an employee of the technical staff of the institution." At the same time, the school is a regime facility that is constantly guarded by FSB officers.

 Раньше родители могли пройти в школу относительно свободно, подняться поговорить с учителем, если нужно, проводить ребенка до класса.

Earlier, parents could go to school relatively freely, go up to talk with the teacher, if necessary, to take the child to class.

 Три года назад, после «Крымнаш», режим безопасности резко усилили (объясняли это боязнью терактов).

Three years ago, after "Krymnasch", the security regime was sharply increased (they explained it by fear of terrorist attacks).

Если раньше на входе сидела одна и та же вахтерша, которая могла отлучиться минут на 15, то сейчас вход всегда охраняют сотрудники спецслужб.

If earlier at the entrance sat the same guard who could have gone out for 15 minutes, now the entrance is always guarded by special services.

Вход родителей на территорию школы строго воспрещен.

 Parents' entrance to the school grounds is strictly prohibited.

Если мне нужно поговорить с учителем, ей звонят, она спускается, и мы разговариваем у входа.

If I need to talk to a teacher, they call her, she goes down, and we talk at the entrance.

Если нужно встретиться с директором, то меня провожают до кабинета директора.

 If you need to meet with the director, then they escort me to the director's office.

Версию о том, что 12 чемоданов с кокаином можно было пронести в школу без ведома охраны, можно сразу исключить.

 The version that 12 suitcases with cocaine could be carried to school without the knowledge of guards can immediately be ruled out.

Охранники меняются постоянно (всего там 4-5 сотрудников службы безопасности посольства, которые ежедневно чередуются).

 The guards are constantly changing (there are 4-5 employees of the embassy security service, who alternate every day).

Чисто теоретически можно коррумпировать только одного и пронести в его смену.

Theoretically, one can only corrupt one and carry it into his shift.

Однако это очень рискованно.

However, this is very risky.

Все входы, выходы и общественные места просматриваются видеокамерами, информация с которых записывается.

All entrances, exits and public places are viewed by video cameras, the information from which is recorded.

То есть другой охранник или начальник охраны могут легко обнаружить, что во время дежурства этого охранника в школу пронесли подозрительные чемоданы.

That is, another security guard or security chief can easily find out that during suspicion of this guard, suspicious suitcases were carried to school.

12 чемоданов по 36 кг каждый – это огромный объем.

12 suitcases of 36 kg each - this is a huge amount.

Его не спрячешь в шкафу в подсобке.

You can not hide it in the closet in the back room.

То есть если даже вам удалось эти чемоданы пронести, то другой охранник всегда может их обнаружить и поинтересоваться, что это за груз.

That is, even if you managed to carry these suitcases, another guard can always find them and ask what kind of cargo it is.

 Если кто-то хочет пронести такой груз на территорию посольской школы и обеспечить его сохранность, нужно договариваться с начальником охраны.

If someone wants to carry such a cargo to the territory of the embassy school and ensure its safety, it is necessary to negotiate with the security chief.

(далее по ссылке) (hereinafter referred to as the link)

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  1. "...Like the Devil their father, they never tell the truth."
    When they do tell the truth, it is just because the truth happens to work to their evil advantage in that instance. In this way even when they do tell the truth, it is a lie.


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