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Archpriest George Grabbe: - about the 1970 "OCA Autocephaly",

And-Valuable Added Information about Stalin's KGB/FSB run -"Moscow Patriarchy" and its crooked dealings here in America and around the world: ROCOR Archpriest George Grabbe: - about the 1970 "OCA Autocephaly", granted to them by the Moscow Patriarchy


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Dan Everiss

Mon, Feb 5, 2018 at 8:05 PM

ONCE AGAIN: Link to read the 209 pages of the on-line book: "The History Of The Russian Church Abroad, 1917-1970"

Note on this [a bit strange, photo-copy]: I cannot control the fact that this link gives these separate portions,
 in first, a smaller print and then, REPEATS IT,  blown up much larger.
So, I advise  the readers to just ignore the smaller print sections, and only read the bigger texts.
(Thanks to Joanna Higginbotham for this link)
And a reminder to the readers of this: Still today, what all was wrong with the communist founded and run Moscow Patriarchy back in 1970,
 is STILL TODAY WRONG WITH IT. The communist founded MP has never repented nor been purified nor purged n or reformed! 
 this is the same MP which tricked, the American Metropolia in 1970 & also, a large part of our then free ROCOR, in 2007,
to recognize it as its  'Mother Russian Church' and to submit to its uncanonical and apostate authority, its authority
really STILL! under  the total control of the KGB/FSB gang in the Kremlin....who care about spreading the Gospel and saving souls for Christ (?)
Now, in 2018, both this 'OCA' and ROCOR/MP under Hilarion Kapral, are both, JOINED as two sister subservient 'churches' to their MP masters.
[This betrayal and End-Times apostasy, is really  them spitting upon the sufferings and deaths of the Holy New Martyrs], which Judas act,
 their glorious 'reunion',  they label as, 'progress', and as, them thus 'spreading the Orthodox Faith' !...and as 'saving souls' (?)
Is it?
SHAME on them all!
Rd. Daniel in Oregon

ROCOR Archpriest George Grabbe: On the OCA Autocephaly:

Also see:
Bp. Grabbe on Metropolia's Autocephaly Orthodox Life magazine 1970

1970 (1) Grabbe on OCA Autocephaly

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