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my updated mini-report on myself

Plus my updated mini-report on myself and Our Saviour's Place, in this Nativity Advent Lent, this day of November 26/December 9, 2017: Repose of St. Innocent, First Bishop of Irkutsk


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Dan Everiss

Sun, Dec 10, 2017 at 6:34 PM

+MY thanks!: To those kind and generous souls and Holy Ascension Parish, who recently send me.... exactly!....sufficient aid to purchase my wheelchair, and to pay off my property taxes, etc. That is a big burden off of my shoulders.

May Christ Our God reward you!
Rd. Daniel

My contact info:
Daniel Everiss
8419 Hwy 138 West
Oakland, Oregon 97462
email: <>

Nearby ODOT highway department's live-camera views, accessed by this  internet link,   of the state highway  near me- they change every few minutes, as they are live views, all year around. Now we are daily a bit  below freezing, and each night is frosty.

Customize a dashboard of your favorite cameras from TripCheck's collection of highway cameras.

 Image 1
"We venerate Thy most pure image, O Good One, and we ask forgiveness of our transgressions , O Christ Our God.

 For of Thine own good will, Thou wast pleased to ascend the cross in the flesh, to deliver from slavery to the enemy, those whom Thou hadst  created.
Therefore we thankfully cry aloud to Thee:
Thou hast filled all things with joy, O Our Saviour, by coming to save the world!"

Note: Many years back, in fact about in 1974 or so, this mountain forested land, in the Coastal Mountains of south-western Oregon,  was granted to me by Providence, and as an answer to my many years of prayers, and then gradually paid off by my many past years in hospital work in San Francisco, it was then dedicated to Our Lord and God and Saviour Jesus Christ,  celebrated in Our Saviour's  Icon, Not-Made-By-Human-Hands, as 'God's Acre'. God has blessed me to abide here in this beautiful place, since the start of 1984. From day one here, my life has been a struggle. And now in my declining health and age, @ age 74 presently, it is even more a daily battle, to simply walk around and accomplish necessary physical tasks,  just to meet bills on my very low monthly social-security income, and to feed and shelter & to take care of God's critters, whom He has sent to me, so that I not be selfish and live only for myself.

GOD MADE ALL  THAT HE MARVELOUSLY! CREATED...IN LOVE! And so, we to be His true servants, must also love and cherish His sacred creation also.

At this time, just paying the large monthly electric bills, to keep on the electric heaters, is a big burden. Sometimes, I am delivered some firewood, - as I do have in this shop a large woodstove, but not often can I get it split and delivered here., which may run as high as $250.00 or more per winter season months.

Therefore, what I most need, now, in this month of December,  are  some regular senders of aid, mainly to cover this winter's extra bills, to keep myself and my indoor animals warm and from freezing, and  and to buy food for the animals.

The miraculous Kursk-Root Icon of the Mother of God was brought here, by my diocesan Archbishop of San Francisco, Vladyka Anthony (Medvedev),  and a Priest-monk assistant from Jordanville, a Fr. Nikifor, [early, many years ago, before the icon workshop here was built, in which workshop  building I now  must reside full time,  as my old trailer, which is about 100 feet from this shop-where I had resided in for about 33 years, has now, some months ago, in this year of 2017, gradually begun to crumble and to fall apart and it is, ingloriously, returning to mother earth, we all must,  and Vladyka Archbishop Anthony blessed this place and the water well with the Kursk-Root Ikon. He conducted  a molieben before it in my former little old-trailer-home chapel that day. Before the Kursk Root-Ikon of Our Lady, blessed the well, [and my abode and the surrounding territory], my well  was going dry and was yielding an undrinkable muddy flow, but after the icon was bumped against the compression tank in the well house,  it then afterwards  produced much more water, and it has never gone dry. To me, it is blessed and pure and delicious...holy water.... for my sustenance and for water to share with  God's creatures,  the deer, the skunks, the opossums, the raccoons, the bears, the wild turkeys, my refugee kitties, the many dogs I used to rescue,  and the many birds of the air, ..this holy water is an undeserved  gift from Our Lord and Our Lady.

The designated feast-day of this abode, which 132 acres,  is called, OUR SAVIOUR'S PLACE -is.... 'Of the All-Merciful Saviour', celebrated on the day of  the liturgical commemoration of the 'Translation of the Miraculous Image of Our Saviour Not-Made-By-Human-Hands',  transported from Edessa to Constantinople.

God, not any unique personal nor special insight of my own wisdom,  has enlightened me and protected me from that 2007 massive betrayal and apostasy of a large part of our old formerly free Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, to the still communist-KGB run, 1943 Stalin founded, uncanonical and apostate 'Moscow Patriarchy',  which I rejected and still do. I must follow my conscience, and not try to please men, but only to always seek to please God. Thus, I must live in an often grinding material poverty, and despised rejection by almost all  former church friends and past...fellow Orthodox ROCOR/MP believers, most who have gone along, like mindless sheep to their slaughter, so blindly and so very foolishly, with that foul End-Times union with the devil....many with the excuse of 'obedience' to their trusted priests and bishops, who have turned out to be wolves, not shepherds....'The blind leading the blind, and they both shall fall into the ditch'.

True Orthodox Christian OBEDIENCE is , to ALMIGHTY GOD and to SACRED ORTHODOX HOLY TRADITION, The Holy Faith!...not in the end, to any mere men, whether they be ordained clergy, priests or bishops,  or laity, especially if such ones openly and clearly betray the Faith to her enemies. Such misguided guides, we dare not obey nor follow.

But, "He whom the Lord loveth,... He chastizeth!"...Psalm words which have strengthened me from my early childhood till now.

Had I gone along with that 2007 apostasy, I would not be materially poor and struggling now, in my decrepit old age, as this Western American ROCOR/MP diocese would have routinely aided me here,...and among them, I have [had] many [former now], friends...all lost now. I am now a byword and a mockery to them, a laughing stock.....'Daniel the fool'.

HOWEVER: "The love of this world..... is enmity to God!" and  "No man can serve two masters!"

"In THEE O Lord, have I hoped, let me not, then, be put to shame, in the age to come!"

This is my prayer.

In our Orthodox funeral there is the declaration: (of the living speaking on behalf of the departed): "It was good that Thou hast afflicted me, O Lord, that I might learn Thy commandments, Alleluia!" i.e. ..It is GOD Who orders all,.... HE IS ALWAYS IN COMMAND, and/or Who permits all!...and in the end, for our betterment to bring us closer to Him here in this life, so that we may FIT into Heaven His Heavenly Eternal Kingdom.. "for He doeth... whatsoever.... He willith!"

"For all things of this earth, passes away!"
Retired Reader Daniel Everiss in Oregon

The holy prayers of all, I request, even as I also raise up my unworthy prayers for others, the living and the departed,  to God's throne.

 Rd. Daniel hiding behind Icon of Our Saviour, Not-Made-By-Human-Hands

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