Saturday, June 4, 2016

Video Testimony of an ex-Muslim:

Just For Thought: An Enlightening and Inspiring Video Testimony of an ex-Muslim: -God through his own flawed Koran, lead him to Jesus Christ, the God-Man-


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Dan Everiss

Sat, Jun 4, 2016 at 2:14 PM

*And a reminder: The Holy Bible has so much spiritual power in it, because it was inspired by the Holy Spirit, composed and
translated and BLESSED and it BELONGS, ...SOLELY!... to our Holy Orthodox Church. It does not belong
to sectarian or heretical people, though they use it. Our Holy Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church,
.....THE CHURCH!...first!...... came into worldly existence, and THEN!... it...compiled  and produced the Holy Bible, OUR BOOK!
The anti-historical Protestants have this all wrong, thinking that the whole intact Bible came first, and then, the Christian church,
 was founded on it. No, no, NO!
That is clearly why by the mere reading of it, in whatever language, ... there is GREAT POWER!...[especially with the truth-seekers
sincerely  asking God's help), when it can and does help to convert millions to come to their Creator, and Saviour, Our Lord, JESUS CHRIST,
 even when there is no local visible gathering or 'church' of the Orthodox, or human Orthodox clergy, where they can
formally enter the Orthodox Church.

*Nothing, NOTHING!... can stop or hinder the workings of the Holy Spirit, "Who is everywhere present and Who fills all things!"
"The Holy Spirit listeth where He willeth!" [i.e. The Holy Spirit goes where He wants to!].

Our great shame as Orthodox Christians, is that we so often care so little about spreading the Earthly Church, saving souls, around all the world.
(Which was Jesus command to us so to do). "If ye love Me, keep My commandments!" 
And the many poisons of materialism and modern 'progressive' Ecumenism, and our weak faith,  kills all genuine Orthodox missionary energies or  needed, endeavors.
How many of us Orthodox Christians only care about our particular ethnic churches or people, i.e. those of our same 'blood',  or language, and not all of mankind.
GOD LOVES ALL OF HIS CREATION, and ALL MANKIND!...not just a few select smug, though blessed,  nations or peoples. In fact, He punishes those nations or peoples who take Him for granted.
Today, it is mostly the blood of the new martyrs, flowing everywhere,  which seems to be inspiring many, especially Muslims, & other   non-Christians to turn to Christ-God, the Philanthropic-Man Loving God.
"Whom the Lord loveth, He chastiseth!"

And, yes, we Orthodox lament that this dedicated man, blessed by God,  has not yet seemed to discover our Orthodox Church, 
 the True Catholic Church, but God may yet reveal this to him, on his religious journey in his transient fleeting life.
"God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform!"

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