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BBC's Point of View: Council Stalls

Informative (if also a semi-ignorant) Sharing: The BBC's Point of View: "Historic Orthodox Council Stalls After Russia Pulls Out"

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Dan Everiss

Sat, Jun 18, 2016 at 11:31 PM
Warning: Orthodox readers beware:-much in this BBC report is the typical ignorant misinformation of those
outside of our Orthodox Church, who often know little or virtually nothing of us, let alone our view
 of ourselves or our history or doctrines.
Yet this is informative and interesting to read, as such things as are in this article, are views of many outside our faith,
which we need to be aware of, so as to better refute them, when we have the chance to so do.
Rd. Daniel

 Historic Orthodox council stalls after Russia pulls out
Orthodox priests taking part in the historic Holy and Great Council on Crete                                           
Image caption This was to be the first meeting of all Orthodox leaders since the year 787
The Russian Orthodox Church has rejected a last minute appeal to attend what was billed as the first meeting of fellow Church leaders since 787.
Russia says it cannot participate in the Holy and Great Council, on the Greek island of Crete, as not all churches will be present.
The Churches of Antioch, Bulgaria and Georgia had previously refused to take part after disputes about the meeting.
The gathering, due to start on Sunday, has been 55 years in preparation.
Fourteen Churches representing over 300m faithful had been originally invited.
Experts say the decision by the Russian Church, which represents some 100m followers, highlights longstanding divisions among Orthodox Christians.
There is also a struggle for power between Russia and the Istanbul-based Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew I, considered the spiritual head and "first among equals".
He is the driving force behind the meeting.
The disagreements ranged from seating plans to efforts to reconcile with the Vatican.
Moscow also fears that Patriarch Bartholomew will give support to the Ukrainian branch of the Church, fuelling what one Russian state-owned newspaper has called "a simmering religious war".
Russian Patriarch Kirill said he considered the Crete gathering a preparatory session for a synod that will unite all the Churches "without exception."

Orthodox Christians

Greek Orthodox priests take part in a Good Friday re-enactment on 29 April                                           
  • There are 300m Orthodox Christians, who are members of 14 national Churches
  • The denomination split from western Christianity - in the form of what is now Roman Catholicism - in 1054 amid disputes about the power of the Vatican
  • Unlike the Roman Catholics, the Orthodox Churches are independent and have their own leadership
  • Orthodox clergy are distinguished by their elaborate headgear and bushy facial hair, which they wear because they take literally some of the words of the Old Testament, which prohibit shaving
What is the Orthodox Church? (Especially beware of this article!).

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