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Confession of the True Orthodox Christian /// Current Inter-Orthodox Meeting in Greece

General Sharing: Two Articles: Repeat-Statement of The Confession of the True Orthodox Christian, and (Photos): This Current Inter-Orthodox Meeting in Greece

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Dan Everiss

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Исповедание веры православного христианина

 Confession of The Faith of the True Orthodox Christian

Автор: о. Author: a. Валерий Леоничев вкл. Valery Leonichev incl. . . Опубликовано в Православная Церковь (Просмотров: 17) Published in the Orthodox Church (Views: 17)
 Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece
 Approved by the Holy Synod at its Fourth Session of 2014, December 4/17, 2014
 The Confession of Faith of the Genuine Orthodox Christian
Part One
 1. I believe in one God, the Father Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth and of all things visible and invisible.  And in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the Only-Begotten Son of God, begotten of the Father before all Ages. Light of Light, True God of True God, begotten, not made, of one essence with the Father, through Whom all things were made.  Who for us men and for our salvation came down from the Heavens and was incarnate of the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary, and became Man. And,  was crucified for us under Pontius Pilate, He suffered and was buried. And on the third day He arose, according to the Scriptures. And ascended into the Heavens, and sitteth at the right hand of the Father.  And He shall come again with glory to judge both the living and the dead, Whose Kingdom shall have no end. And in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the Giver of Life, Who proceedeth from the Father, Who together with the Father and the Son is worshipped and glorified;  Who spake through the Prophets.  In One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. I confess one Baptism for the remission of sins.   I look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the age to come. Amen.
2. In addition to this, I embrace and accept the Holy Seven Œcumenical Synods, convened for the purpose of safeguarding the Orthodox dogmas of the Church, and the local Synods that they endorsed and confirmed.
3. I espouse all of the definitions of the right Faith set forth by the Holy Fathers, under the guidance of the illuminating Grace of the All-Holy Spirit, as well as the Sacred Canons, which those blessed men handed down to the Church for the governance of the Holy Church of Christ and the good ordering of morals, composing them in accordance with the Apostolic Traditions and the intent of the Divine teaching of the Gospels. 
4. All that the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church of the Orthodox professes and teaches, this do I, too, profess and believe, adding nothing, subtracting nothing, changing nothing, either of the dogmas or the traditions, but abiding by these and accepting them with fear of God and in all that She condemns as heterodox teaching and repudiates, this do I, too, condemn and repudiate forever.
5. I offer ready obedience in ecclesiastical matters to the Holy Synod, as the highest authority of the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece, which constitutes the continuation of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church in Greece, and to the canonical Bishops and Presbyters under Her. 
6. I believe and confess that the Orthodox Faith is not “of men,” but derives from the revelation of Jesus Christ, preached by the Holy Apostles, confirmed by the Holy Œcumenical Synods, handed down by the most wise Œcumenical Teachers, and authenticated by the blood of the Holy Martyrs.

 7. I accept, along with the decisions of the Holy Seven Ecumenical Synods, those of the First-Second Synods of 861; in addition to these, I unwaveringly espouse the decisions of the Holy Synod convened by St. Photios in Constantinople in 879-880, as well as the Synodal Tome of the Synod of Blachernae in Constantinople in 1351, at the time of St. Gregory Palamas and the Holy Patriarch Kallistos I, in the firm belief that these Synods possess Ecumenical and Catholic validity and authority in the Orthodox Church

8. Moreover, I give assent and credence to the decisions of the Holy Pan-Orthodox Synods convened in 1583, 1587, and 1593, which abhorred and condemned the introduction into the Orthodox Church of the so-called Gregorian (New) Calendar promulgated by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582. 
9. In furtherance thereof, I accept and acknowledge as Œcumenical and Catholic documents of the Orthodox Faith both the Patriarchal Tome of 1756 concerning Baptism of the heterodox and the Synodal Encyclical of 1848 of the Most Holy Patriarchs of the East, as well as the Synodal Decree of 1872, which condemned phyletism.
Part Two 
1. I regard ecumenism as a syncretistic pan-heresy, and participation in the so-called ecumenical movement, which was inaugurated at the beginning of the twentieth century, as a denial of the genuine Catholicity and uniqueness of the Orthodox Church, firmly believing that one who agrees with and participates in this heresy is lapsed in the Faith and is not in communion with the Church. 
2. Likewise, I reject and in no way accept the 1920 Proclamation of the Patriarchate of Constantinople “To the Churches of Christ Everywhere,” on the ground that it contains a complete plan for implementing the heresy of ecumenism in practice and that it anticipates the calendar reform prepared by the so-called Pan-Orthodox Congress of 1923 and put into effect in Greece in 1924, thereby violating the decisions of the three Pan-Orthodox Synods of the sixteenth century. 
3. In consequence of the foregoing, I also regard those Orthodox who took part in the foundation of the World Council of Churches in 1948 and who since then have been active and functioning members thereof, thus cultivating inter-Christian and interfaith ecumenism, as lapsed in the Faith.
4. Finally, I reject and in no way endorse the so-called Pan-Orthodox Consultations (1961 to the present), which facilitated the reprehensible, invalid, and meaningless “Lifting of the Anathemas Between the Eastern and the Western Church” in 1965, and which have since then been paving the way, from an ecumenist perspective, for the convocation of the so-called Great Pan-Orthodox Synod, with a view to the complete acceptance, ratification, and dogmatization of the syncretistic heresy of ecumenism.
............................................................ .................................................. ..........
Перевод Transfer
Часть вторая
Part two
1. Я считаю, что экуменизм является синкретической всеересью.
1. I believe that the pan-heresy of ecumenism is syncretic-.[i.e.  a world-wide 'religious'/political, movement, indeed the main purpose of the 'Ecumenical Movement' from its beginning:  aimed at the combining of all 'Christian' heresies, with all world religions, and..... with!... our Holy Orthodox Faith, (!)  to create a  monstrous "One World Religion"]
(Added explanatory remark by Rd. Daniel.)

А участие в так называемом экуменическом движении, которое был открыто в начале двадцатого века, как отрицание подлинной соборности и уникальности Православной Церкви.
 A part in the so-called ecumenical movement, which was discovered in the early twentieth century, as a denial of the true catholicity and uniqueness of the Orthodox Church.
Твердо верю, что тот, кто соглашается и принимает участие в этой ереси отпавшим от веры и не состоящим в общении с Церковью.
I firmly believe that anyone who agrees and takes part in the heresy fell away from the faith and cannot be in communion with the Church.
2. Точно так же, я отвергаю и ни в коей мере не принимаю Провозглашение Константинопольского Патриархата от 1920года "К Церкви Христа повсюду", на том основании, что оно содержит полный план внедрения ереси экуменизма на практике, и что оно призывало к календарной реформе, подготовленной так называемым Всеправославным конгрессом в 1923 году и введенной в действие в Греции в 1924 году, нарушившей тем самым решения трех Всеправославных Соборов шестнадцатого века.
 2. In the same way, I reject and do not in any way accept the proclamation of the Patriarchate of Constantinople from 1920: "To the Church of Christ Everywhere", on the grounds that it contains a complete implementation plan for the heresy of ecumenism in practice, and that it called for a reform of the calendar, prepared by the so-called Pan-Orthodox Congress in 1923 and entered into force in Greece in 1924, thereby violating the decision of three Pan-Orthodox Synods of the sixteenth century.
3. Вследствие вышесказанного, я также считаю тех православных, которые принимали участие в создании Всемирного совета церквей в 1948 году и которые с тех пор активно и функционируют в нем, как его члены, и таким образом, культивируют межхристианский и межконфессиональный экуменизм, как отпавших от веры.
3. As a result of the above, I also consider the Orthodox, who took part in the creation of the World Council of Churches in 1948 and have since been active in it and who  operate in it as its members, and thus cultivate inter-Christian and inter-faith ecumenism,  as those fallen away from the Faith.
4. И, наконец, я отвергаю и никоим образом не одобряю так называемые Всеправославные консультации (с 1961 и по настоящее время), что способствовали предосудительному, недействительному, и бессмысленному принятию документа - "О снятии анафем между восточной и западной церквями» в 1965 году, и которые с тех пор прокладывают путь, с экуменической точки зрения, за созыв так называемого Великого Всеправославного Собора, с целью полного признания, ратификации и догматизации синкретической ереси экуменизма 4. Finally,
I reject and do not approve of the so-called Pan-Orthodox Consultations (from 1961 to the present time), which contributed to the reprehensible, void and meaningless  adoption of the document - "On the removal of anathemas between the eastern and western churches" in 1965 and which has since paved the way, with the ecumenical point of view, for the the convening of the so-called Great Pan-Orthodox Council, with a view to full recognition, ratification and dogmatic acceptance of the  syncretic heresy of ecumenism.



This article found on:
*Any errors in my smoothing out of this rough machine-English translation from this Russian  text, are mine.
I have done my best, but some titles of bishops, I may have wrongly translated. My apologies.
Rd. Daniel in Oregon

 Inter-Orthodox Meeting in Greece Автор: о. Author: a. Валерий Леоничев вкл. Valery Leonichev incl. . . Опубликовано в Православная Церковь (Просмотров: 30) Published in the Orthodox Church (Views: 30)
2GUBSVUY По Божьей милости состоялась встреча представителей Истинно-Православной Церкви Эллады, Румынии и Русской Зарубежной Православной Церкви, а также из многих других регионов со всего мира.
By God's grace, this meeting is taking place in Athens, Greece now, of representatives of the True Orthodox Churches of Greece, Romania and the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, as well as from many other regions around the world.
 В работе сессии приняли участие более 40 участников, а не только иерархии, но и священники, диаконы и миряне.
The sessions are being attended by over 40 participants, not just the hierarchy, but also priests, deacons and the laity.
Собрание началось в Афинах (Acharn, Аттика), в пятницу 13 / 26.05.2016, со слова приветствия Его Высокопреосвященства Блаженнейшаго Архиепископа Афинского и всея Эллады Каллиника.

The meeting began in Athens (Acharn, Attica), Friday 13 / 05.26.2016, with the greetings of His Beatitude, His Eminence Archbishop Kallinikos, of  Athens and All Greece.
С Украины прибыла делегация Русской Православной Церкви Зарубежом возглавляемая митрополитом Агафангелом, также прибыли с ним молдавский архиепископ Георгий.

With a delegation from  Ukraine of the  Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, headed by Metropolitan Agafangel, which also arrived with the ROCA  Moldovan Archbishop, Vladyka George.

Из Румыния приехали три иерарха: епископ Sofroniusz Сучава, Яссы Glikieriusz епископ и епископ Sibiu Eulogiusz.

From Romania arrived three hierarchs: Bishop Sofroniusz of Suceava, and Bishop of Iasi, Vladyka Glikieriusz, and the Bishop of Sibiu, Vladyka Eulogiusz.
Также присутствовали греческий митрополиты: Пирей и салями Geroncjusz, Аттика и Беотия Златоуста, Салоники Грегори, of Dymitriady, Фотий, Oroposu и Фили кипрский II и епископы Filipponu Abroży, Methonu Амвросий (попечитель многих епархий в Австралии, Англии, Южной Осетии, Африки и так далее. ).

 Also present were the Greek Metropolitans of Piraeus and Salami, Geroncjusz, of Attica and Viotia, Chrysostom, of Thessalonica, Gregory, of Dymitriady, Photios, of Oroposu and Fili, Cyprian  II... and the bishops: of Filipponu,  Abroży,  and Bp. Ambrose of Methone,  (curator of many dioceses in Australia, England, South Ossetia, Africa and so on. ). ,

 Из Соединенных Штатов прибыл Дмитрий Митрополит Америки, Aвксентий митрополит Этны и Портленда.

From the United States arrived there: Metropolitan Dimitrius, Metropolitan of America, and Auksentius, Metropolitan of Etna and Portland.

Из Канады приехал Моисей епископ Большого Торонто, и итальянский епископ Силуан Lunijski.

 From Canada came Bishop Moses of  Greater Toronto, and from Italy,  Bishop, Silvanus of Lunijski, Italy.
Приходы Моравский Episkopii (чешский, словацкий и польский) представляли епископ Gardykionu Климент, вместе с чешским священником Ежи (Ян).

Representing parishes of the  Moravian Episcopate (Czech, Slovak and Polish) were: of Gardykionu, Bishop Clement, together with a Czech priest, Fr. Jerzy (Jan).

Все выступления, презентации и дискуссии были переведены на восемь языков одновременно.

* [All speeches, presentations and discussions have been translated into eight languages ​​simultaneously.]
Единогласно приняты два документа:

The unanimous adoption of two documents:

  1. "Исповедь Истинного православного христианина" [1] ,
  2.  "Confessions of a True Orthodox Christian" [1] ,
  4. "Истинное Православие против ереси синкретического экуменизма."
  5.  "True Orthodoxy Against the Heresy of Syncretistic Ecumenism."
Еще одной важной темой стала обсуждение готовящегося экуменистами, в день Пятидесятницы (6 / 19.06.2016 г.),.

 Another important topic of discussion was the forthcoming Ecumenists', 'Great Ecumenical Council' on Crete, on  the day of Pentecost (6 / 19.06.2016 of) ,
 "Вселенского Собора"

В том случае если на Крите пройдет "Вселенский" Собор и примет предполагаемые экуменические решения, то это послужит к нашему призыву о созыве Собора Верных Православию.

In that case, if the "Ecumenical" Council to be held on Crete and if it  will approve the alleged ecumenical solutions, it will serve as our call to arms, for our convening of ...a true.... Council/Sobor of the Orthodox Faith.

Предполагается , что решения Собора на Крите вызовут массовый уход иерархов и паствы из Поместных Церквей.

***{It is expected that the decisions of the Council on Crete will cause a mass exodus of bishops and laity from the local Churches.}

 На заседании же нашего Истинно-Православного Собора предполагается пригласить иерархов, священнослужителей и богословов из официальной православной церкви.

At the same meeting, our True-Orthodox Council is expected to invite the bishops, priests and theologians from the official Orthodox Church.
Ожидается, что участниками действительно Православного Собора могут стать более 50 архиереев со всего мира, а общее число участников (монахов-ревнителей, клириков и мирян) может собраться до сотни или даже больше.

It is expected that the participants in a real Orthodox Council,  will most likely  be more than 50 bishops from around the world, and the total number of participants (zealous monks, clergy and laity) can amount  to many hundreds or even more.
160 526-c-7
Начало к подготовке такого Собора предпринял в в 90-х покойный греческий Митрополит Киприан (Kucumbas, +2013).

Moving towards the preparation of this present Council/Sobor of ours, was first undertaken in the late 90's by the Greek Metropolitan, Cyprian (Kucumbas, +2013).

 В то время, готовность участвовать в работе такого Собора выразил Иерусалимский Патриарх Диодор I (+2000 г.), румынские, болгарские и некоторые иерархи из России.

 At that time, a willingness to participate in the work of this our  Council, was expressed by the Jerusalem Patriarch Diodorus I (+2000 g), and by the Romanian, Bulgarian and some hierarchs of the Russian.

Даже известие о таких планах вызвала ярость в Константинополе у Патриарха Варфоломея и его окружения.

 Even the news of such plans [of ours], back then,  sparked fury in Constantinople by Patriarch Bartholomew and his entourage.

В телефонном разговоре однго фанариотского митрополита с Митрополитом Киприаном, первый, случае реализации такого Собора, пригрозил, что они расправятся с Митрополитом Киприаном.

In a telephone conversation with an  EP Metropolitan, by our Metropolitan  Cyprian, the EP Metropolitan  declared: that at the the first actual step of our implementation of such a Council, he threatened that: "they/ the EP,  would make, short work of Metropolitan Cyprian' (i.e. they would quickly destroy him)..

 На что Митрополит Киприан тогда ответил - "пугай тех, кто боится вас."

 At that threat, our Metropolitan Cyprian then replied:  - "Go and scare those who are afraid of you!"

 Этот случай показывает, насколько важно является для защиты Православия созыв такого Истинного Православного Собора.

This example  proves,  how important it is to protect Orthodoxy by our convening of a TRUE Orthodox Council/Sobor..

Собор, который будет созван по воле Бога, по молитвам отцов преподобных и богобоязненных верующих, а не по воле закулисных сил и антихристианской политики властей.

This future Council, must be convened by the WILL OF GOD,  and through the intercessions of the Venerable Fathers and of our God-fearing believers, and not by the will of backstage sinister forces and anti-Christian policies of the secular worldly authorities.

чтец Maртин Пекарский
 (signed): Reader Martin Pekarskii
___ ___
[1] - Текст на английском , греческом , русском, румынском, болгарском, французском, итальянском, шведском, чешском, польском. [1] - Text in English , Greek , Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, French, Italian, Swedish, Czech, Polish.

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