Friday, April 24, 2015

Unauthorized church razed

In Russian Federation: (VIDEO)-Shocking Government ordered demolishing of Orthodox Church

Request: Please! would someone who understands the Russian narration with this video, explain, what is the possible official excuse for this unbelievable sacrilege?...and in a supposed, 'Orthodox Country'??? WHAT IS GOING ON?....and...WHY?

Shocking VIDEO with Russian narration: found on Internet Sobor

By order of the satanic power Penza in Sec. Winning bailiffs demolished church and bell tower (VIDEO)

Author: Internet Cathedral incl. April 24, 2015. Published in the persecution of believers (Views: 14)

Christ is Risen! On the Bright Week 2015 in the Penza region committed triumph of justice.
Michael's monastery in recent years has been much slander, libel result of this it turned out to be demolished.


  1. What I undestand from some sources in Russian

    Unauthorized construction of the building, which is a religious institution sect called " Michael's abode ", the court ordered the demolition of the Penza region, according to the portal "Theme Penza. "

    The structure is in the village on the street Victory Pleasing, 102. No documents on the right to the land under the building owners could not provide. To do so and could not take place, because none of the registry of the Penza region does not contain information about the room and its tenants and landlords.

    The decision to demolish was first adopted in 2013, when the administration of Penza in the court demanded to solve the question of law and to oblige the builder to bring the territory in their original condition.

    But the locals refused and filed a lawsuit for review. An appellate court sided with the administration and imposed a fine on the developer. But they paid fines, and built themselves.

    There was a time when the demands of the authorities, the supporters of " St. Michael's Convent " threatened mass self-immolation if the bailiffs come.

    Soon UFSSP Penza region to enforce the judgment in respect of the buildings sect called "Michael's abode" built illegally. Work carried out by specialized organization that has the appropriate authority. As a result, were demolished four buildings with religious symbols on the walls. Destroyed the bell tower, two prayer houses and living quarters.

    As stated by representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, "Michael's abode" is irrelevant to the Orthodox Church and is an independent doctrine few fanatics.

    to be continued...

  2. ......continued:

    According to the website "Penza Orthodox " in the village of Victory, which is now entered in the line of Penza, located so-called " Michael's abode " or community " elder Alexis. " It is situated next to the existing church of the Assumption of the Mother of God Russian Orthodox Church Diocese of Penza.

    Communities have newly built temple in honor of the Archangel Michael, as well as living quarters, home to members of the community - men and women. In the temple carried ministry as priests outside the clergy of the Diocese of Penza, about canonical supplies this information is not accurate communities, community members is carefully concealed, sometimes declaring themselves " True Orthodox Church ", sometimes - "catacomb". Pilgrims, in most cases were the subject of abode as the Penza diocese ROC, with uplifted at the service of the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church and the names of the ruling bishop of the Diocese of Penza. Actually, the same canonical communion with the Russian Orthodox community has not.

    To the question: "Who blessed the construction of the temple, who consecrated the temple, where it corporal who ordained clergy serving in the church community ?" - Monastery monks did not give an answer, and representatives of the Diocese of the altar of the temple is not allowed. In the center of spiritual life " of St. Michael's monastery " - reverence for the deceased person January 8, 2005, " the abbot Alexis. "

    In Soviet times, the community was on the underground position because of persecution of wandering monks and illegal communities. With the advent of the 90- ies of XX century. personality " Misha " (" elder" Mikhail Ivanovich Shumilin, aka " the abbot Alexis ") is becoming more popular at that time he had already formed the members of his community about visiting Orthodox churches, communion Holy Mysteries worldly name, in parallel with this leading his secret " priestly preaching", and in the late '90s as they are already building their temple and set up self " abode ". In recent years, members of the community completely dissociate from the canonical Church, leaving only the visible communion with her.

    In general, the cult of the " old man Alex" is a movement of sectarian and divisive spirit, acting under the guise of the canonical Church. Community " elders " operates under the jurisdiction of the unknown, has no state registration, community members were ulichaemy fraud.

    1:26 on the icon upfront is probably the elder, 1:29 is someone from the parish.
    I could not find any affiliation of this Church with anyone.
    Once when I was on Facebook I found a church of rasputin and other strange "churches". Does anyone said whos church is it? Is Elder Alexis known to someone?

    Looks like MP is erasing all the "sectants" who do not belong to MP....

    I was reading a Jordanville book about different sects- there were so many of them before in Russia, some were worshipping to hole in the wall...some were denying everything, all bunch of them.

    – Olga (GOC)


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