Friday, March 20, 2015

An Informational Sharing, for Truth's Sake only: Russians count the cost

Comment: And of course, if one believes the massive Putin's propaganda machine:
All of this on-going suffering to common
Russians, is the exclusive fault of: "The Kiev Ukrainian Nazis, Evil America, and the Evil West...all of the ...Russophobic....'enemies of Russia', "etc. (which is the same old deceitful Communist line of sour propaganda since they first seized Russia,].
But, honorable Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, is their wonderful Russian national savior! and 'the restorer of  Russian [ i.e. Soviet], national pride!' (?) many monuments and statues of Lenin and Stalin.....
P.S. Anyone [ among Russians or non-Russians alike], who questions, to any degree, or expresses doubts about any of his nation destroying policies,  or is against Vladimir Putin, is called, a 'Russophobe', or an outright, 'traitor to Russia'. What propaganda rubbish and what idiotic lunacy!
The full truth of these matters, especially regarding his immoral and unjustified subversion and murderous invasion of a neighboring country, [ into which he had no moral or legal right or real legitimate excuse to intervene], that of  brotherly Ukraine,  is not on the side of KGB oligark dictator Putin, not at all, just as the truth has never been on the side of the communists, past or present.
 God, Who is ALL-TRUTH,  is not on their side.
Like their father, the Devil, they never ever!,  tell the truth.
Vladimir Putin with his corrupt power-hungry kremlin regime, is the only 'Nazi' that I see, he being a good student of Adolph Hitler, Lenin and Stalin.
'Sincere Orthodox Christian', Vladimir Putin is a disaster for the Russian people. He is preparing the world, for nuclear world war, which apparently...he wants. That is the Devil's own work.

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