Friday, February 13, 2015

THANK GOD! Oregon's leftist Governor RESIGNED!

THANK GOD! Oregon's leftist Governor (retired Physician), John Kitshaber has just now, this moment, officially RESIGNED!  

Glory to God!..(Docter), [ because of too high taxes and too many state regulations and intense governmental agencies' interference in businesses, etc....i.e. 'an unfriendly and anti-business climate'.] John Kitshaber, just recently re-elected, and just sworn in,  for his Fourth Term as Governor of Oregon!,  and his tyrannical far-leftist demo party in power in Salem, has destroyed the state's economy and ended and driven out of this state, how many many local jobs, and has influenced  new outside businesses who have wanted to come here, to decide to NOT come here,  and has impoverished countless average and lower income Oregonians, while constantly making more odious over-government regulations,  pandering to the extremist wacko 'enviro-nazis', and adding more and more and more punitive laws on all of our heads, and raising the basic cost of living for us all, and adding endless new and higher taxes and state fees and fines...i.e. making lower income people here, live in ever declining dire poverty and/or to have to flee this state for greener pastures elsewhere.
Born Oregonians are actually the worst group here, as most of them depend entirely on the local job scene, which in much of largely-rural Oregon are few and far between anyway, [ about 70%
 of the land mass of this state is directly owned by the Federal and State governments, and is not private property, while EVERY SQUARE INCH OF THIS STATE, is strictly over-zoned, our so-called, socialistic  'Oregon's Land Use Laws,'... so that normal American 'private property rights' are next to meaningless here, anyway],   
while retirees from other places who settle here, usually have outside, and dependable incomes,-they are not dependent on the local [ rotten] job scene, etc.

Another democrat party hack will succeed him, regrettably,  the current democrat Secretary of State, a lady named, Brown, ...but at least he will be gone!...and indeed, John Kitshaber under a dark cloud and with disgrace, a disgrace caused mainly by various publically disturbing actions and misuse of state funds,[ a version of nepotism],  of his live-in, unmarried,  girlfriend, whom he refers to as, 'The First Lady of Oregon '(!)  Truly she has brought him to ruin, and public shame. Even his own democrat party leadership has turned against him.
When will all  Oregonians here, finally wake up, and boot ALL socialist oriented democrat politicians out?...who have reduced this state to worse and worse poverty.....which seems too, to be the Washington D.C. Obama democrat agenda, on the national level....
and demand from republicans too, to LISTEN TO US, and serve US and what We want and what We need......the common struggling residents of this state....i.e. to truly SERVE US,... THE PEOPLE...???
We need the state government to...lower all taxes and destructive regulations on our private property rights, and to stop destroying businesses and STOP STATE TYRANNY over all of us.

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