Friday, January 30, 2015

World is silent as 45 churches are burned by Moslem mobs in Niger, Africa

And such things, 'peaceful' Moslems, following their dark religion's teachings,  which St. John of Damascus labeled, "The godless Hagarenes", -and a  'Christian heresy,' have been doing to Orthodox Christians, ..under various Moslem tyrants  in many lands,  since false-prophet and false-messiah Muhammad  of Thrice Cursed Memory, walked this earth.  

Still today, Moslems, 'IN SUBMISSION TO' and following the dark and confused and contradictory teachings of their 'beautiful' Koran and their 'holy' mullahs, continue to mindlessly rampage, kill, and destroy, but usually they murder more fellow Moslems than anyone else....through the long past centuries and even now.

Islam, is anti-human, oppressive to the mind and soul and heart,  and is of the Devil, the enemy of mankind. "By their works shall ye know them!"

Just view the numerous you-tube video testimonies of former born Moslems, and why they are leaving it  in large numbers, and have become some kind of Christians: either Orthodox or Protestant or Catholic or Monophosite, or even have become total atheists-rather than stay Moslem.
We Orthodox Christians [ and indeed any variety of Christians], ...and Moslems, DO NOT WORSHIP OR FOLLOW THE SAME..... GOD!

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