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Pathetic Ignorant Anti-American Rubbish!

This was posted on Internet Sobor on May 7, but on May 11, I can not find the original post with the original photo.  Through the machine translation, it seems maybe this post was replaced?  The original is below.
Here is the replacement at this link:

General Sharing: Some ignorant anti-Western, anti-American, totally exaggerated Kremlin rubbish. put on our ROCA's internetsobor site, by this Dmitry Vasilevsky-

*This speaker, Dmitry Vasilevsky,  does not know.... what all is 'wrong' or 'right' with the West or America, nor can he see anything about us in a proper balanced perspective.
Thus, what I read here, is deeply offensive slanderous communist propaganda, against MY COUNTRY OF America.
It is the same self-righteous sounding PROPAGANDA blather that comes out of the MP and Putin these if...THEY and their neo-soviet UNFREE Russian Federation were, 'better'.
How pathetic.
This author, if he lived in 'the west' or in my America, could define our social problems...and what is good in our way of life, very very differently.
Most of what he alleges here, in his ignorant dissertation, is from...his life of communist brain washing.
Obviously too, this man is anti-Ukrainian independence., which means, he must support what evils Putin is doing there, YET he is in our ROCA! Why?

IF these anti-American views prevale in our ROCA,[ being revealed now by the Putin inspired/caused  mess in Ukraine, it seems].  then perhaps, .... it is time for we Americans in it, to seriously consider departing from it?
Already, inside of our ROCA, there are growing splits between our pro-Ukrainian members, and those Russians [ inside or outside of Ukrainian territory], who support what Putin is doing.
At this point, it will be a miracle, if our ROCA survives these chaotic events and intense anger and on the verge of open war, feelings.
Our beloved Metropolitan Agafangel is heroically doing his best to attempt to hold us all together, to call all who claim to be Orthodox Christians, to evangelical brotherly love and forgiveness and unity, etc. Yet, the divisions are being heard and felt.
However, it seems, especially in Ukraine and in the Russian Federation, that few seem to be listening to him. More are listening to the irrational voices.
 In good conscience, I as an American, CANNOT stay in a church which is on the side of my nation's international enemies, [ as the captive country of 'Russia' become since  the Bolsheviks took it over till NOW], and if it goes along with the moral and religious depravity of the current Russian Federation's KGB operated MP Sergianist 'church' or its neo-soviet KGB hangover, government.
American, Rd. Daniel Everiss in the USA

P.S. that 2007 betrayal of our old free ROCOR, to the Moscow MP,  ROCOR being  a US based church body, was a two fold betrayal:
First, was a religious betrayal of a free diaspora Russian ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN anti-communist church, under/to  the Stalin created in 1943, apostate and Sergianist communist captive, 'Moscow Patriarchy', a pseudo-church, totally anti-canonical, controlled STILL today by those in power in the KGB controlled Kremlin.

Secondly, it was a political/military/immoral.... stab in our American national back, as the subservient part of that ROCOR, has now become, an espionage fifth-column EXTENSION ARM, for our national enemies in Moscow, but of people living HERE, WITHIN our national borders, a Trojan horse, a Serpent in our national bosom.[Though in fairness to many of the simple people, good intentioned  who so foolishly went along with that terrible 2007 betrayal, and now belong to ROCOR/MP parishes here, they are still ignorant/dis-believing  of the full dark realities of this betrayal. They have been lead astray by their pro=MP clergy, many of whom, themselves, have been terribly deceived]..
And yet, many doubt, that now is the end times?

Report Dmitry Vasilevsky: "Human Rights" as the right to lawlessness
Reporter: Nun Vera incl. May 7, 2014. Posted in ROCOR (Views: 41)


Dmitry Vasilevsky
 "Human Rights" as the right to lawlessness 

(II report on the spiritual congress at the monastery of Saint-Petersburg and Northern Russia Diocese, etc. Naverezhe, 25-27 April 2014)

Your Eminence, honest fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters!
     Now it is fashionable to talk about what humane, kind, smiling and sacrificial - Europeans. In general, as well live in the West, if lost in the urban jungle, you will be shown the way and will bring; if, suffering from hunger, stealing cookies in the store, what you caught, released; your bike is not stolen, the car does not get stolen; always ask, "how are you?" and smile. How wonderful! So great that you do not know to do with himself from despondency, which absorbs the soul of every normal person who lives in the grip of "love" and courtesy. And how Western people politically correct! How do they know how to respect other people's personal space: both physical and moral. How they can not climb into the soul! And nobody wants to see the obvious, namely because Westerners so respected his and others' personal space, of something they reserve the right to get rid of the neighbor on the first whim. They have the perfect excuse for divorce - growing internal exclusion, therefore ceased to feel moral satisfaction. That's all the explanation, no one dare to interfere in my personal space, respect me. And then at the very polite Westerners happen again in my head some closure and they rush to conquer anyone again and be sure to violence, murders, concentration camps and cruelty, inexplicable even psychologically. As it was under Napoleon, Hitler, as it was with their revolutions, Nazism and Marxism as it is now with their export democracy. 
     Yes, the Western people do not steal your bike. Why do they only bike? They are better then come to your country and steal the entire industry or to be exported from the Bialowieza Forest precious woods, as the Nazis - these great masters and lovers of beauty of nature reserves. At home they took care to establish factories purifying equipment. But they did not bother the beautiful nature of the third world, which is full of child productions of the first world. How do they love nature, if eliminating it? Or they just love their nature, and they are allowed to kill someone else? 
     Or say, as in the West love children, we are to far away! But what kind of love is this, when the West promoted abortion? This is - love! In addition, active implanted sodomy, unless promotes fertility? Where is the love for children? But Western people, very fond of children, come to the Orthodox Slavs, they'll take orphans from orphanages and give them up for adoption its homegrown sadomitskim couples who "love children" so like that for some reason its not start. "But wisdom is justified of her children" (Matthew 11, 19).  
     Or are we all ready to forgive Westerners for their unfailing smile and for their "how are you?" from each saleswoman in a supermarket? Conclusion: If a person has no God in the soul, as Western people, the whole of their morality - short or even in his capacity as superficial and hypocritical, and all their kindness - homicidal, not only in an indirect, but in the direct form. "In some European countries and in America ... different faiths come together in a common religious indifferentism, ... people overwhelmingly passionate struggle for earthly well-being and in this sense perfect discipline themselves within the outer formal legality. They do not take on knives because of religious beliefs; their god - it's money and worldly goods. But if somewhere temporarily intensify religious movement to the detriment of public peace, then it does not stand on ceremony, eg., The Mormons "(Anthony Khrapovitsky mitr.). 
     Such people do not like neither children nor men, nor the nature or animals. When all this will become a barrier to their whim, lust and pride, they will destroy everything in its path. And how can you compare human and animal, man and nature? For Westerners it is normal. They are about the animals exhibit more diligence than about people, especially people "second class": color, Slavs, immigrants, the poor. What is their love for the children and when they decompose morally children in schools through the promotion of "sexual education"? Is not love when children are deprived childhood? Western people - people without honor and without conscience, scary people, deep inside the brutal and corrupt, it is forthcoming soon to perform in the forefront of conquering horde stories Antichrist and all their external Loschenov decency and courtesy have simply mask of Satan. 
     In the West, and already we became common place to justify the right to lawlessness, the right to abortion on sodomy, divorce, euthanasia, and now also on pedophilia (truly "grin" of their love for children) links to some " human rights ", the Universal Declaration of the United Nations and the like. But where are all the declaration of human rights and other standards? And when comes to power next dictator and impose global declaration, which will indicate that people without higher education - not the people, will have to rely on it already? People everywhere have become selfish. One of Hitler went to another and see themselves as highly moral. In fact, the terms of sheer hypocrisy. Abortion is justified now empty words on a woman's right to her body. But this is absurd. Engage in carnal pleasures women can and have children - it is their right! As a mother can love someone, if it is - a murderer of her child? There are many secular studies even with the statistics that no woman to have an abortion, has not escaped the depression. Is nature and conscience does not tell us that abortion - is it bad?
     Probably not far western people already on the conscience and to put into question. And the truth is, unless you can prove its existence? And in the Declaration of Human Rights of conscience too, nothing is written. So, no conscience? Now all ashamed to talk about morality, of virtue, of God, of conscience. But consider themselves very smart, speaking about certain moral conflicts there any Kierkegaard. How interesting to speculate about the possible good and evil to the people who believe it possible to have an abortion? One can not prove the truth, citing, for example, slyly matched statistics that supposedly ban on "sex education" in schools stimulates the growth of unwanted pregnancies and abortions among teenagers? 
     You can not prove the truth referring to the mind and on the perverse mind, of course, "the human mind is controlled by the composition of God, and the mind - our real life, when she is in a natural state. If it deviates from nature, it is an alien and the activities of the mind "(svyat. Gregory of Nyssa). You can argue all and swing. Marx explained his righteousness in the power of one class over another - and millions of people killing each other. Now argue abortion rights. But if "every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account in the day of judgment" (Matthew 12, 36), much more for the murder of children. Just take a look footage, which shows how mature embryo aborted as cut off arms and legs and throw it in the trash, to shudder with black soul of those people who like to justify infanticide. All such apologists "cooked darkness eternal darkness" (2 Pet., 2, 17). But these words humanity laughs and grins. And if today would come again, God in human form, then, philosophers like Pilate asked him indifferently, and "What is truth?" (Jn 17, 38), and the people he "rights" would strongly violated as priests, again spat on him, and then physically destroyed. In humans, "has cooled love," and this, according to Christ, a sign of the end of the world (Matt. 24). 
     I would call and yet another sign - direct exhaustion of religiosity (even idolatry) and even indirect religiosity (at the level of cultural production) in modern humanity. People do not even know what they have to worship. Gradually rejecting direct religious, invent indirect: worshiped art (Michelangelo), then love (Goethe), then class (Marx), then the nation (Hitler), then the body (Foucault). And now - naked passion, either. Now around - pure pleasure. "Why should I have a baby? It also need to educate! ". Yes, that such considerations are accepted at the level of official and public discourse, as in Western countries, and in no time the Orthodox. This is simply Satanism, by several orders of the worst Nazi - not ashamed to publicly declare that it is better to kill a child than his "poor little" cultivate poverty, deprive him of his "worthy" of education, to put it in terms of when it will be more expensive jacket envy or toy neighbor kid from more affluent family.
     Indeed, more people have nothing to live, and it is impossible. God became flesh, came to earth and died for the people, and people do not even pay attention to it! They do not care! They continue to live as they lived before, not at all puzzling your mind that after the coming of Christ to the people and more responsibility for the sinful lifestyle that they spend. Furthermore, humanity can no longer continue to live indefinitely in sin, for renewing humanity has already come through the grace of Christ, and the people that grace neglected. Therefore, God will no longer spare humanity, as it was in Noah's day and how it was during the coming to earth of the Lord Himself, when disabused of all mankind expecting some updates. Update it, but again people are corrupt and therefore do not have the right to have the divine forgiveness. "Surely I am coming soon! Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus "(Rev. 22, 20).
Thank you for your attention!
 (This is google-English, not my original English comment post):
# Whoever Claimed, That 'The West' is Perfect??? - Rd. Daniel 08.05.2014 1:04
This author, Obviously, has not lived in 'The West', Especially not here in my America. 
THUS he is mindlessly parroting , the standard Communist Attacks on 'The West', Which is more than full Exaggerated RUBBISH Facts. 
He is Ignorant . 
Also He is offensive to All of us WHO Live in 'The West'. 
So, then,.,. What is His solution to All of our Western Moral or social Wrongs? .... perhaps (?) to Join the Neo-Soviet corrupt and very Immoral Russian Federation? 
Clearly, he is Suggesting, That we  become like His Captive, slavish, Putin's KGB SERGIANST controlled NEO-SOVIET Russian Federation, where, All is, ... 'goodness and Light' (? ) 
'the land of milk and honey' of the Old Testament. 
PLEASE! stop such ridiculous comparisons. No one in my native America, considers our way of life or our history, or our nation as .. perfect. But we, so Far, have FREEDOM, Which the RF does not have. 
We WHO Live here and are sincere Christians, are always Struggling to make our Nation better, more Moral, more perfected. 
Is this author, happy with Putin's Russian Federation?
If he publically started to criticize Putin, how long would he not be in prison, or dead? 
I cannot see I his Russian Federation  as 'better' than my America. It is Far Worse A Nation., because of its long negative communist history and   Godless,  'culture'.
This author is just Repeating Long Term Mind-numbing Kremlin Communist Anti-Western and Anti-human Freedoms, atheist-commie propaganda. 
Yet, he Gives His unbalanced Erroneous Report in our ROCA? Why? 
He is A Product of All of Those Long years of Communist captivity and the Endless lies of the Russian communists. He is brain-washed.
Truly He does not know What he is talking About. 
If he Came here to Live, he Would SEE things very Differently.[ what is good , bad, and ALL the complicated aspects of our way of life]. 
Rd. Daniel, an American and an Orthodox Christian, 
and WHO A human Being always in my Life, cares first and About Last, TRUTH. 
P.S. Only in Heaven, [if we as Individuals are Worthy to Live there], Will any of us be in A PERFECT PLACE. 
Said Jesus: "But, my Kingdom is not of this World!". 
NO Earthly Nation or Government or people, has EVER Been A perfect / Moral Totally, Totally just A Society, NONE, EVER!!! 
Yet, Marxist-Leninist Theory Promises, Their version of Utopia A, A 'Heaven on Earth', Which has ended up, as A hell on Earth. For any and all faults of 'the west' [which indeed are many!], We are not yet that bad.