Tuesday, November 25, 2014

ROCA Council Begins in Odessa

A General Informational Sharing: ROCA: In Odessa, the Start of Extraordinary Council of Bishops


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Dan Everiss

Tue, Nov 25, 2014 at 11:08 AM

*May we all PRAY for God's special guidance of our bishops, to make the right decisions, and for the rebellious to repent, and for Godly order and harmony to be installed amongst and between  all of our faithful, world-wide. AMEN!
Rd. Daniel Everiss in Oregon, U.S.A.

Russian original text, found on:<http://internetsobor.org>

ROCA: The Extraordinary Council of Bishops of Our Church, Begins Its Meeting in Odessa.( a humanly smoothed out machine-English translation):
Author: Metropolitan Agafangel incl. November 25, 2014. Published in the ROCA (Views: 11)

In the Synod offices in Odessa  has begun  its work- of the  Extraordinary Council of Bishops, which is being  attended by:

 The First Hierarch of ROCOR, Metropolitan Agafangel, Archbishop Andronicus, Archbishop Sophronius, Archbishop John, Archbishop George, Bishop Athanasius, Bishop Gregory, Bishop Cyril, Bishop Nikon, and Bishop Nicholas.
On the first day of the Council, among other decisions, the bishops  confirmed the legitimacy of the last Synod of Bishops, the former meeting which was held on  21 to 22 October in Odessa, and confirmed that all decisions taken there, have  come into [ full] force. Also considered, [ thus far] is the  "Petition  of the  Russian clergy and laity of ROCOR parishes." [in the Russian Federation].

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