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Glorification of Holy New Martyr Catherine

Many Photos!-in Greece, Glorification of Holy New Martyr Catherine (Rutten) by our ROCA's sister church of the GOC
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*She was an early Greek martyric  victim of the apostate 'New Calendarist' -Ecumenist betrayers
of the Holy Apostolic Orthodox Faith.


The canonization of Holy New Martyr Catherine (Rutten), in the Old Calendar Greek Church.

November 28, 2014  in Attica (Greece CPI), in the temple of the Most  Holy Cross, was celebrated in council, headed by Archbishop Kallinikos and other bishops, the Divine Liturgy, at which was performed the rite of the glorification of the new Greek saint - The Holy Martyr Catherine (Rutten) .

The change in the calendar of the state-Church of Greece took place March 10, 1924 (March 23, new style). The Christian faithful, obedient to the teachings of the Holy  Fathers and emulating the ancient Christians that in such situations broke communion with those who were innovating, totally severed  their entire  ecclesiastical communion with the new calendarist state-Church of Greece. They prayed in their homes or in the village chapels. From the beginning, the Lord provided  many signs and wonders, showing  that HE abides with the adherents of the Orthodox calendar. In this case, upon the Christians who did  not accept the new calendar, there began a crackdown, providing  them a favorable opportunity to suffer for Christ.

8 November 1927, on the Feast of the Archangels in Mandre Eleusis (at that time a small village 30 km from Athens), the police surrounded the church, in  which was being performed the festal  Vigil. When the priest began the Liturgy in the Church, according to the date of  the Sacred Calendar, the police tried to arrest him. There stood in their way, many of the pious faithful, becoming a wall around the priest, without their fearing of any of the threats to themselves.. A young woman named Catherine Rutten, a mother of two young children, was at Vespers with her family, then her husband, sensing danger, asked her to leave. Thus, she went to their  home, but  then her sister told her about the situation happening  at the church. Leaving her, she rushed to join the faithful who were in danger, and ran to get the crown of martyrdom. The police, in order to scare the people, [who formed  a stone wall around the priest,] did not hesitate to resort to violence. Shooting live bullets, they shot in the head one of the faithful, Angelica Kansarelli. Catherine, without flinching, denounced the brutality of the "guards" sent by the new calendarist "Archbishop" of Athens. When one of them raised his rifle butt to strike it upon the head of the priest, she rushed to protect him and received a fatal blow to the back of her head, and she fell down, flooding the ground with her blood. She was heard to whisper: "Holy Mother of God ...." She suffered another seven days in the hospital before she gave up her pure soul to God on November 15 on the Orthodox calendar date of, The Holy Fathers, the first day of Advent. The Christians carried her body as they would have carried a relic of a martyr: "Wonderful in the sight of the Lord, is the  death of His saints," and now her feast in honor of her  Martyrdom, is  held annually on the day of her Assumption [ her soui's departure from this world], on   15/28 November.

She is buried in Keratea at Holy Presentation Monastery, where there  now rests, [ for veneration]  her  Holy Head as a relic. 

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