Sunday, April 20, 2014

Interesting!: ("HE IS NOT HERE, FOR HE IS RISEN!")-Paschal Troparion, "Christ is Risen", sung in many languages

Comment: This is from you-tube, and I am not sure who put it together or put in on the internet.
Does it matter?
Just take it for what it is, simply a world-wide selection of nationalities & their languages and choirs, 
and  in various churches, which are Orthodox or related to Orthodoxy.
No doubt some [ or even most] of these churches and their choirs & their clergy, are not in communion with our jurisdiction.
And, of course, some countries & their languages were missed in this collage.
BUT, simply to hear the wonderful Paschal message , sung in various world-wide languages,[ all centuries old products of Orthodox missionary work, from the Apostles on down to our time, in all these lands and nations],  is music to our ears, and is a joy to us all.
"Go ye into all the world and preach the Good News, baptizing everyone in the Name of +The Father, +The Son, and +The Holy Spirit...."
Rd. Daniel,
 wishing all, Paschal Joy in our wonderful Risen Saviour and Lord, JESUS CHRIST, the GOD-MAN!
CHRIST IS RISEN!...our Eternal Joy!...and death is no more!  ALLELUIA!

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