Thursday, April 17, 2014

Holy Thursday in ROCA's Women's Monastery

Sharing: Photos & description: Holy Thursday in ROCA's Women's Monastery of St. John Maximovitch, Egorovka, Ukraine

To English readers, sorry, but I have no time now to smooth out the 
rough google machine-English version of this description. I must leave that
 up to the readers, if they wish, i.e. to put this original Russian text through the machine translator,
 and then...try to make sense of the rough 'English' [word jumble] which is produced by the  mindless/soulless machine.
The bishop serving here is Archbishop George of Bolgorad.
This monastery is near Odessa. It was originally founded near  Omsk, Siberia, [with Bp. Eutichius], before that sad & foolish & connived 2007 betrayal of a large segment of the  old ROCOR to the Stalin founded MP. Those original noble Omsk nuns, lead by heroic Mother Abbess Alexandra,  had to literally flee to Odessa, Ukraine,  and to take  refuge under Vladyka Agafangel's omophorion. Here they have prospered, with God's help and by the aid of  caring Orthodox  benefactors, whom MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS!
Rd. Daniel

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