Monday, October 22, 2012

Orthodox Partisan posts of note

Polish language articles can be easily machine translated into English, or Russian, or....   The owner of this blog, is a conservative, anti-MP, anti-Putin Polish Orthodox man. 

• INTERESTING- The Origins of Western/Catholic 'All-Souls Day' connected popular customs & their practice in Poland
  It is an interesting historical study, as this non-Orthodox popular celebration, as it has devolved over time, reduced to present day pagan "Halloween" in America, (and given to us from English pre-Christian customs originally), influences all here, including Orthodox people and their children.

Gays attack Catholic Cathedral in Argentina-

• The liturgical language of the Polish Orthodox Church is Church Slavonic-which must be maintained!
   This is a fascinating article.  In essence, it is a spirited defense for the continued use of Church Slavonic for Polish Orthodox (indeed, for all Slavic  Orthodox people).
   Interesting!... though of course, not all Orthodox would agree with this position, especially for the many millions of Orthodox ( of all national/ethnic roots/identities), living today, in non-Orthodox/'non-Slavic'  western lands, etc....where their children tend to speak and understand, only, the modern languages of those countries.
   *Note: the author here refers to the 'Lemko' Orthodox minority people-group... in Poland, who have been among THE traditional native Orthodox people, or...those subsumed under Rome's Unia in the past, and too, Polish Roman Catholic oppresive domination. Rome labeling them as, 'Ruthenans', The Rusins).

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