Thursday, October 4, 2012

Al and Lefty

OCA reps, "Al and Lefty", insulted in Kiev-

'About....."Al...and...Lefty": gangster-like, irreverent nick-names for two high OCA church leaders-

 Comment: This article is speaking about newly-made-bishop, OCA Bishop Alexander (Golitzin) and OCA Archpriest Leonid Kishkovsky,... both part of the higher church administration of the OCA, and them being somewhat .. ignored or rudely dismissed, as official reps of their OCA, at the recent Kiev celebrations, by their... MP, and the EP, etc.

According to this idolizer of Met. Jonah, Michael Michalopulos, this happened because the OCA's (evil), administration wrongfully forced the resignation of their (righteous) Metropolitan, Jonah-Paffhausen... and thus has angered their  'Mother Church', the KGB outfit, named The Moscow Patriarchia.

What is so sad in this pathetic account, is the profound but typical abysmal OCA ignorance of the real Russian Church history, and thus the fact, that this MP pseudo-church, this 1943 creation of Joseph Stalin, this "Moscow Patriarchia' is considered by most unenlightened OCA people, as The historic/authentic Russian Church. (!)

However, as long as this OCA is slavishly subservient to it/in communion with it, and it's 'Patriarch Kyrill', then it must please it,... or else.

This is the real and fuller price for that foolish 1970 acceptance of it's 'autocephaly'  from the KGB outfit in Moscow.

When you receive a gift from the devil, you must dance to the devil's tune. 

Al and Lefty’s Excellent Adventure

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  1. What I see here:
    "When you receive a gift from the devil, you must dance to the devil's tune."
    This is the CRUX.

    The OCA has received it's pseudo-autocephaly from the MP. If they are to admit that the MP is pseudo, then it follows that they have to admit that their autocephaly is pseudo.

    The good OCA people got rid of Jonah, but on the wrong grounds. They should have gotten rid of him for trying to get the OCA to submit to the MP. Instead they got rid of him because he harbors perverts. Apparently they are not aware that many agents are perverts, and do get protected.

    Now the secret KGB agent [Michael Michalopuolos], devil that he is, kicks up a quagmire. He reports on the MP's displeasure that the OCA ousted the MP's chief agent. And the good people in the OCA who ousted Jonah are now punished and blamed for the "disgrace" of not being commemorated at this special event.

    My sad guess is that very few sheeple will escape.


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